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    Hi! I hope that you guys will help me, Last year (2017) it shutdown suddenly and didn't turn on, I thought that it is now dead forever but I tried every thing downloaded BB Link but phone doesn't show up on device manager.
    Yesterday I just plugged it into the charger and it powered on but sometimes stuck and restarting and heating up, So I saw the thread on cb that turning off mobile data and all the connection will prevent heating up and it worked. After that I tried to connect my z10 BB link on pc and update the device, the software was downloading and suddenly my device goes off and now again it wont turn on...

    Guy's please help me to fix it I Will appreciate your help!
    10-08-18 05:23 PM
  2. Niallac's Avatar
    Hi there - this doesn't sound good to me, could be a hardware fault, but it might also be a badly corrupted OS installation. I would recommend downloading the most recent BB10 autoloader for your device, and reinstalling the OS that way. If you search the forums, you will find clear instructions on which autoloader to use and how.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-09-18 03:28 AM
  3. Ak8355's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll try autoloader.
    10-09-18 04:11 AM

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