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    So here's the deal, my wife and I have Z10's on Verizon with unlimited data. She is from Kiev, Ukraine and is going to be there for the next 10 or so months till her spouse visa is approved. We both have MTS Ukraine sim cards and both VZW Z10's are able to make calls and texts on MTS UA and use WIFI for data. But even with the MTS UA unlimited smartphone data, GSM data doesn't work as it goes from edge to EDGE and back and forth rapidly. It one time stuck to EDGE just enough to go to the browser and hit refresh and get the web page but then it went back to edge right away and I couldn't browse. Now I know what most are thinking already, that with the VZW Z10, we will only get EDGE speeds... but that's ok because MTS UA only has GSM/EDGE right now anyway... I guess LTE is in their future... but hopefully BlackBerry will have a newer Z10 like phone out then anyway.

    I was there two months ago, so I don't remember if I set the settings from 2G/3G to just 2G and tried that, but I know that I had the proper APN set. Even with the default www.umc.ua that the sim put in, didn't work. So I tried to put in "Internet" like it says for the Iphone settings on their website. Still didn't work!

    So here's my thoughts... I am going over to Ukraine in two weeks and will be staying there for just over two weeks. I would like to get the data working on both phones, or if really need be.... Buy a GSM Z10... but that's last case scenario and which would I buy? The 100-2 or 100-3? She loves her Z10 and BBM, it would just be nice to be able to use BBM messages without WIFI. She has never had a smartphone before, and she is loving the Z10!

    So I figured two weeks should be enough of a notice on the forums to comment. I would appreciate any help on this! Like I said, in two weeks I'll be there so I can try what ever idea's you bring up. The other thing, is that if I were to have to get a new GSM Z10, where can I get it the cheapest new? I'll have a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam and family in Sweden... so all these are my options!

    12-15-13 03:03 PM
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    Are you having this issue with just on Ukraine carrier or all? Seems like you should get data. Are your APNs locked on that phone? If not, are you running the correct APNs?

    FWIW, I was in Kazakhstan a few weeks ago and with my 100-3 was getting data.
    12-15-13 05:40 PM
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    Well, my wife and her family uses MTS Ukraine... so I really haven't tried any other carrier like Kyivstar or Life. APN is not locked on my Z10 and both my wife and my Z10's are 100-4 (Verizon Wireless). That's the thing, with a data plan I should be able to use data!

    As from what I have always heard, is that the new OS10 doesn't need BIS. Which is good because I wasn't able to get my 9850 to connect to BIS on MTS Ukraine but I DID have data to Opera Mini and Google Maps, because they could use a direct TCP/IP connection instead of BIS. But that is something not even directly related to my question above even though it is the same sim card. So in case anybody is wondering... YES I do get data on that sim card with other phones including my old 9850.
    12-15-13 06:15 PM
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    Just bumping the thread..
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