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    First of all, I am not a troll, blackberry hater and/or fanboy. I first came to this site in 2008 and recently came back to Blackberry a month or so ago because of the new z10. I have written several post about my experience and opinions about using the new z10 and also posted tips and suggestion for folks to use to help set up the device and I really do love the new z10.

    But, my current mindset has been drastically changed based on a social gathering I recently had with some clients and friends over the past weekend. I was showing off my new z10 and ask some of them for their BBM PIN numbers for my contact list and I was shocked to hear that all of them had given up their Blackberrys in favor of the Apple and Android platforms!

    Even the ones that had company provided phones had been converted over to the iPhone and Apple IOS. I was shocked, these where all former hard core Blackberry users and a couple of them I even remembered from back in my BB 7000 series days while I was on the Nextel network way back when.

    A couple of them where IT guys, so I asked them why they had switched over to the Apple IOS? Their response was, the security is more then adequate for email and web access functions and everyone is familiar and they feel comfortable using the iPhone 5 and Apple OS because most of them have iPads and IPods anyways. They also proceeded to tell me they felt RIM has become complacent in the smartphone market and has fell behind in what the consumer in 2103 is asking for in their smart phones.

    They also stated the applications them and thier employees use on a daily basis are available in the Apple market and they feel more comfortable with future OS and App development with Apple then with Blackberry. They felt they where loyal long enough and waited over two years for RIM to provide them with something that was a newer and a more updated product from what they where currently using and the competition had beaten them to the punch. To them loyalty to a product only goes to far in todays market.

    Their suggestion to me was if I wanted to be able to use the video conferencing and group messaging features that would enable me to communicate with them in 2013, I would be better suited to switch back to the apple and the IOS platform, this was the direction they where headed and they where not turning back any time soon.

    After sitting there with my shiny new BB z10 and feeling like the once great business tool I always bragged about being the best messaging device on the planet was now looked at like an outdated ford in 2013. Much to my displeasure, I have went back to my iPhone 5 and Apple IOS.

    Yes it's stale, I hate the home button after using the z10 swipe and gesture concepts, but I have to look at this from a long term business perspective and when 98% of my friends and clients are using the other smartphone platforms for both business and personal use, the choice is rather simple folks, sad but true.
    04-16-13 03:19 PM
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    04-16-13 03:25 PM

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