1. fschmeck's Avatar
    Like many people, it seems I am unable to reliably transfer files from my Z10 to my PC. I have 2 Z10's (STL100-3, on

    My scenario:
    - USB connection only works in mass storage mode (and then only for the SD card). Since one Z10 does not have a micro-SD installed, I have no access to that one.
    - Wifi connection does not work on either Z10.
    - Blackberry link connects fine, although media will spin forever trying to sync.

    After much reading and fiddling, I finally realized I could get all the drive letters to appear using USB if I switch to Airplane mode on the Z10. BB Link also syncs properly like this. At least this is something, but I want to get wifi file access working.

    My questions:
    - Are USB connections requiring Airplane mode a known issue?
    - Is there any reliable way to get wifi file access working?

    I'm running Windows 8-64, and have done the following:
    - turned off Defender and any virus checker
    - Ensured my PC is in the list of devices under media sharing on the Z10 (in case needed)
    - Ensured we are in the same workgroup
    - Removed/re-installed the driver
    - Used static IP's

    I can ping the Z10 just fine, and can even stream music via Media Player. I just have no way to see the files.

    Any thoughts?
    08-21-14 09:08 PM
  2. Dave Green1's Avatar
    Try WiFi File Explorer Pro from BlackBerry World. This is a really nice paid app;; there is also a free version, but the free version is limited in PC to Z10 file size. The Pro version has no liimitations. I use it as my file xfer utility of first choice; highly recommend it.
    08-22-14 10:16 AM
  3. murray55's Avatar
    I had this problem, and it was due to certain windows services being disabled (and certain sharing configurations). Make sure the 'workstation' windows service is running. Also double check in 'advanced sharing settings' on your pc that 'turn on network discovery' and 'turn on file and printer sharing' are enabled. I'm not sure if the wording is different for win8.

    Some of these may not be related, but check if they are started:
    ssdp discovery
    upnp device host
    function discovery resource publication
    function discovery provider host
    homegroup listener
    homegroup provider

    Though dont forget when you plug in usb for bb link (when everything is working properly, if there are no errors in bottom left), it takes a bit before it loads the hard-drive data on your phone, so be patient.
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    08-22-14 12:44 PM
  4. fschmeck's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips.

    Unfortunately all of the settings are good and still I cannot connect. The 3rd party apps do seem to work fine, so it is not a firewall issue. Very odd.
    08-24-14 10:00 AM

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