1. leonardNEMOY's Avatar
    So you miss a call from a telemarketing agent.. only way to mark it as "read" is to call it back OR mark prior read... am I missing something here???

    Very annoying.. I guess the other way is to delete the missed call, but I like to leave it In case I want to call back later.

    Any workarounds or suggestions for this?

    Z10 on legit 10.2 OS.. Telus

    Posted via CB10
    10-30-13 04:08 PM
  2. Undbiter65's Avatar
    Press the phone icon in the bottom left screen.

    "If you can't soar with the eagles then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)
    10-30-13 04:24 PM
  3. leonardNEMOY's Avatar
    Ahh really. So used to swiping to hub hahaha. Thanks alot

    Posted via CB10
    10-30-13 05:53 PM
  4. Undbiter65's Avatar
    No problem buddy! Lol

    "If you can't soar with the eagles then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)
    10-30-13 06:20 PM
  5. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    Those are the "things" that CB Bloggers should be blogging... instead of how to put the SIM and micro SD cards...

    Posted via Z10
    10-30-13 09:49 PM

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