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    A little background on what I have before I get into the issues and my comments

    Provider: Verizon
    Model: STL100-4
    OS version: ( I would go higher but so "updates" came out in succession that I waited).

    My first impression of the Z10 was mostly positive. The only negative at the time was getting use to a new phone and configuring it. I have a Playbook also, so the transition for me was pretty easy (being an Elec Engineer helps too).

    Number of apps was not an issue. I needed a secure phone that has awesome reception for calls, easy to text, send email. BBM is a plus. I use FB, some weather / sport apps, a few gadget apps (flashlight, GPS etc) and of course web browsing so not many perks needed for me.

    I have never had any random reset issues. Ever! Appears Verizon users tend to have the most issues with resets, but not with mine. I believe my 0 resets can be attributed to the select few Apps I have installed. I will not be surprised if the reason for resets is lack of HEAP or some other memory leak that heavy app users can increase this reset likelihood.

    I appreciate this phone immensely - very impressive. Battery life is better with the rogue OS I put on, but I still have nagging issues (what electronic device doesn't - don't say iPhone - just read their forum blogs for their issues).

    1) Sometimes the keyboard recognizes my taps, but absolutely no alpha/numeric characters appear in the message window. Typically this happens within e-mail. The fix I found was to select a different area which accepts text (i.e if I cannot put any text into the main body of the email, I just select the To: or CC: area and back to the main body of the email and keyboard will enter data again).

    2) When I delete a list of selected items (say in the hub), not all items delete. Frustrating. hovering a finger on the date (to select "delete all prior") does not delete anything at times - well actually most attempts simply fail.

    3) When viewing my photos, some photos show up black in the list, but if clicked the picture will appear. Frustrating when trying to find that pic from the album list. This isn't occurring to 1 or 2 pics either, it is close to 5-10% of my photos. I could download then to my PC, remove from phone memory card etc and start fresh, but that is not the point. Remove battery etc does not fix.

    4) The Z10 UI should stop assuming that I want to text something just because the app has a text window.
    Example: Try swiping toward your hub with a previous text message up. You swipe, the text message comes up, you have to minimize the keyboard first before you can continue to get "back" into the hub. Not so much an issue but just poor execution. If I want to text, I will hit the text window (or give me the option in some setting)

    5) When you get a notification, and swipe up to see what kind of notification (Alert, Text, FB, etc), wouldnt it be great to swipe halfway up, see the notification icons to the left...and then just TAP ON THE ICON with another finger to open - Talk about a quick peek and flow!!. This device manages multiple touches and this method would avoid the multiple swipes to get into the hub to then tap on the notification you wish to view.

    6) BB Link has never backed up this phone. Keeps failing. I blame user error for this (me), I don't spend much time backing up my phone.

    Prior to the Z10 I had the Bold 9930. To be honest I originally missed that trackpad, and the 9930 accessed some things quicker than the Z10. I was actually kind of disappointed in the items the 9930 honestly flat out beats the Z10 at. But after 3mo of usage, I think the Z10 is by far the best device I have ever owned - despite its quirks.

    I am looking forward to OS 10.2 on this phone (and any BB10 on the playbook). My spouse is anxiously awaiting the Q10 (where I fear the trackpad will be sorely missed). She has an Android phone so she will not know what she was missing since she never had the trackpad.

    Cheers all!
    06-06-13 07:49 PM
  2. easydoesit99's Avatar
    I would like to see a dedicated keyboard display/disappear key.

    Posted via CB10
    06-06-13 10:47 PM
  3. xdoomx's Avatar
    For me BlackBerry beauty has always been in the 'secret shortcuts ' much like a desktop os and it's keyboard shortcuts which save a lot of mouse clicking (alt tab to cycle windows for example).
    The 2 finger swipe up and down works well for me to hide or display the keyboard. A slower version is to hold down the space bar to hide it.
    06-06-13 11:32 PM
  4. Attenergy's Avatar
    The 2 finger swipe up and down works well for me to hide or display the keyboard. A slower version is to hold down the space bar to hide it.

    Thanks for this "tid-bit" XDOOMX ... I've had trouble with my Z10 eversince I got it and now I have more issues since I downloaded the "upgrade"!!! I couldn't get the typing screen to go away after I texted someone. I was swiping down with two fingers like normal and the keyboard would just stay and/or switch to other keyboard templates and finally to the smiley faces (which by this time, I did not feel like smiling!!!). I finally discovered that I have to swipe UP with two fingers ... another disaster for the Z10 which is a borderline failure ... But what you shared about holding down the space bar works for me. Thanks for that! BlackBerry was telling me I had to wipe my phone clean and start again. We all know what a disaster that is ... I never get all my information back once I fall for that trick!!!
    06-14-13 04:24 PM
  5. xdoomx's Avatar
    Finally they've added the option to resize attachments! Rejoicez!
    Minor issues with my Z10 ...and enhancements I would like to see-img_20140222_115837.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-14 04:14 AM

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