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    I'm having a lot of unresolved issues on my phone that I don't even know where to start...! Alright, lemme start here. Well my phone was working perfectly fine before the release of the OS 10.2, however, for some reason after I've updated my software to 10.2, a lot of things have gone crazy on my phone!

    For example, the BlackBerry Hub. The BlackBerry Hub used to be very compatible and responsive, but for some reason it isn't even useful anymore! My emails keep being signed out or the icons of my emails would just disappear and I cannot find them anymore, not even on Accounts in the Settings! Which is driving me crazy! I've been told to delete the emails that I'm having this problem with and then reboot my phone by pressing and holding down the up and down volume keys for 20 seconds (ignoring the screenshots) and then the screen would go black and it will reboot afterwards, but nothing ever happened when I did this!

    I have formatted my phone for the millionth time now trying to get my phone to stop being so irritatingly unresponsive, but it's just all hopeless... also 3 hours ago, BBM was working, and I was still having this BlackBerry Hub problem so I thought I should format my phone again, and when I did, I've setup my emails and everything, but when I wanted to setup my BBM, it said "Temporary Server Error" and as we all know, everything on BlackBerry relies on BBM, and since BBM doesn't even work on my phone anymore, most of the other apps aren't working they way they should be now.. and there are lots of other problems but I just wanna get these over with at least...

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    01-13-14 05:42 PM
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    Formatting your phone 1 million times will more than likely cause issues.

    There are known problems with BlackBerry Hub (especially text messages) in 10.2.0.x, you could try heading over to the Leak section and see if upgrading to 10.2.1.x releases will fix your issue.

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    01-13-14 05:47 PM
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    When you format your phone are you doing a restore of your data through Link? Doing a restore had been noted many times to bring back problems that you were having previously. Every time I upgrade to a different leak now I do not do a restore. I have my contacts saved on my torch and transfer via bluetooth. You could also use the cloud for that or an app from BlackBerry World. All of your media should be backed up on your media card. You will lose all game progress and all of your settings this way but it seems to be a much more reliable method to doing a restore through link. I would really highly recommend the leak as a daily driver. It is full of really nice features and upgrades. There is absolutely nothing to fear with installing a leak either. There is lots of info posted and people here to help if you do have an issue.

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    01-13-14 09:13 PM
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    What device? Stl-1 cannot perform the volume key reset. Do a battery pull.

    I agree with the poster above, doing these formats have probably done more harm than good. Start over with a newer OS

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    01-13-14 11:41 PM

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