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  1. Midnight Barbecue's Avatar
    I have seen the thin silicone cases and the harder compound flexible cases but is there a nice bouncy, sticky rubber case available for the Z10?
    I had an Otterbox Impact series for my torch, that was perfect for me. Added a little bulk but would NOT fly out of my shirt or pants pocket when doing physical activity and actually bounced when I did drop it.
    I had a similar one for my Storm, the Case-Mate Smart Skin but neither of these cases are offered for the z10.
    Does anyone know what might be similar to these? I see a lot of 'TPU' choices available but isn't that material a little harder and less 'grippy'?

    Thanks for any advice,

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    08-05-13 11:12 AM
  2. zten's Avatar
    I use the Incipio dual pro it's like a thin Otterbox commuter.

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    08-05-13 11:18 AM

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