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    Honestly I have to acknowledge BBRY AU and Telstra. I've just had my lunch and i went to a Telstra store in the city (Bourke St). I've been there for a couple of times for the last 2 weeks just to observe how people are aware of the white Z10 being displayed on the display bar. Not so bad but not so good either. Perhaps because people didn't know whom they should ask for help and assistance e.g. "How do i go back? No buttons here like the iphone"

    But today, i saw a rep from BBRY (i think he is from the UK) standing just besides the Z10 display and he walked through some of the features and gestures of the phone to everyone who was nearby the phone. Aaah that really made a difference! While i was there i saw a young lady suddenly was so amazed in how the BB10 navigation was, coupled with the fast browser and its time shift camera while the BB rep was guiding her to do her hands on the Z10. She ended up so amazed and she asked her boyfriend and her friend to upgrade their phones to the Z when their contracts are up (I hope that is coming soon!)

    Once they have left then i approached that guy. He was wearing a black t shirt with the BB logo at the front and at the back there's a "Ask me for a BB10 demo" text. He was a humble yet very confident kind of guy and he even was very keen about BB too! He even showed me his own Z10 (which is his own Z10, really). He told me he's been sent to go around Telstra shops in Melbourne to provide assistance for BB10.

    Kudos to BBRY AU and Telstra, that's how we connect!

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    05-06-13 11:54 PM

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