10-11-13 06:46 PM
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    Didn't the buy the phone business from Nokia and leased the "name" nokia for their cell phones for a few years or something? Basically yhey could just start calling the nokia phones blackberrys and stop paying to use Nokia name.

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    No, that would just confuse Microsoft's mobile branding all the more. MS is in the phone business. They have a reasonably good OS with great hooks into their very mature suite of services, and once the agreement to use the Nokia name expires they'll sell the phones as Microsoft (or something--knowing MS they might just invent a new brand). Trying to maintain the BB brand in that mix would be a marketing nightmare.

    They don't need another handset platform. I could see them buying BB's enterprise stuff, and it's not impossible that they might take the handset side in an attempt to migrate all those users to their own platform, but they wouldn't continue development on BB10 and they most definitely wouldn't grow the brand.

    As I say, I think Google is at least marginally more likely to buy BB whole and actually maintain the brand for a few years.
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    10-10-13 04:39 PM
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    Microsoft is a bad example, because there's absolutely zero chance they'd maintain the BlackBerry brand, nor would they continue to sell BB10/BBOS handsets.
    That could be said for any potential suitor.
    10-10-13 06:21 PM
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    That could be said for any potential suitor.
    Maybe, but I think it's more accurate for Microsoft than just about anyone else (save Apple). If a Lenovo or an LG took over the business, I think there's a fair chance they'd at least try BB10 out for a time to see if they could do anything with it. It might even be seen as an "in" to enterprise.

    I think even Google would stand a longshot chance of maintaining the brand and possibly even trying BB10 on Motorola phones. Google could make BB10 a success just by owning it; the stability would immediately draw customers who have been "on the fence" because of BlackBerry's precarious business position and the major apps would all be there by the end of the year. I don't think they'd see BB10 as a threat to Android if they actually owned it.

    Microsoft couldn't care less. They'd buy the company for the sake of the enterprise tech and wind everything else down, and to them that would just be good business. Same with Apple, except they'd do it out of spite.
    10-10-13 07:25 PM
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    Lets say somebody like microsoft buys blackberry will you still be loyal to the brand if it is "kept separate"?

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    Absolutely! I will continue with BlackBerry.
    10-10-13 07:28 PM
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    I could always use a feature phone, or a flip phone, with a tablet instead.
    10-10-13 08:50 PM
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    I did not buy the Z10 out of loyalty. I bought it because I think it is the best phone.
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    10-10-13 09:08 PM
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    I quite like Microsoft. Don't know why everyone hates them so much

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    10-10-13 09:30 PM
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    10-11-13 03:34 PM
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    I'd suspect there's more chance of Apple buying Blackberry as they've been trying to get into the corporate and government markets for years. Blackberry and Apple pie anyone
    10-11-13 04:14 PM
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    10-11-13 05:47 PM
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    Maybe. Microsoft has a lot of very good business software that would be awesome on this device. I also say that with quality and a drive for excellence even Apple may not be a bad deal. Android however I fear is going to start finding it's own lines of trouble. Samsung developing Tizen sure adds to feel that maybe they are dropping them. HTC is rumored to be working on the PalmOS again so that would be another blow. Personally wasn't impressed with the last 4 or more versions of the OS is one of the biggest reasons for leaving. But, I think only Apple would leave the company alone and only add iOS. The others will go only for patents and sell everything they don't want off. Apple would because they are need of something new to regain their standing and this is the device to do it combined with their OS. Have hopes of the RIM guys getting control though. Only sure way the company stays whole.

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    10-11-13 06:29 PM
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    10-11-13 06:46 PM
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