1. Gees97's Avatar
    I restarted phone and hub wasn't working for at least a min. And when it eventually did my texts took forever to load. If I'd click on a text it would look like this
    Laggy Os all of a sudden-img_00000142.png

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    04-14-13 05:45 PM
  2. yvpan1's Avatar
    mine does that too for a min or two just after the reboot. well, bear in mind the OS needs to load up the accounts you have as well as any social accounts you put on the phone. that's why it takes a bit more from the RAm and the CPU.

    nothing to worry about.
    04-14-13 05:48 PM
  3. EauRouge's Avatar
    Yes that's normal behaviour immediately after rebooting. Happens on any os that that I've used

    Posted via CB10
    04-14-13 05:55 PM
  4. Gees97's Avatar
    Makes sense with it having to load but it's been weeks and I've never had this issue. And my texts continue to lag. Eventually when the text loads if I type a message and send, the message takes over 30 seconds to appear and when I minimize keyboard all the smile faces fill screen lol.

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    04-14-13 05:59 PM
  5. Gees97's Avatar
    By the way, I backed up,wiped,and then restored with the same file and everything is all well now. Just in case someone stumbles inside here

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    04-15-13 07:00 PM

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