04-22-13 10:05 AM
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  1. radlink14's Avatar
    Yesterday a rep at tmobile authorized dealer store said if he sold 10 blackberry phones, he would get one for free. I was his 7th purchase. He liked the phone.

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    04-21-13 11:27 AM
  2. BBSpring's Avatar
    The last sentence summarizes the point with BBRY. They have a very long uphill climb to get back in the game.
    The main perception in the marketplace has had 2+ yrs to build and spread. One device, one launch, one marketing campaign is only the start. It took Apple years with the ipod, then imac to build back the rep of a strong brand.
    04-21-13 12:04 PM
  3. Sexy Sadie's Avatar
    I do not think these people are doing their job if they do not know all the OS they are suppose to sell.
    04-21-13 12:08 PM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    T-Mo store I bought mine from (I was their first sale -- on day one, of course) had the Z10 displayed in the CENTER of all the phones. Knew their stuff. So. California. I went in to buy the Z10, but also wanted to look at the Lumia 810. We also talked about the HTC One (had not arrived). No pressure, no steering, just the facts.

    But the US is conservative. Slow to embrace, slow to let go. Which I believe will work well for BBerry when they release the Q. In my business I see a lot of BBerry phones in use. (older). But though they all like my Z they are ALL waiting for the Q as they want that keyboard. Think the Q is going to sell well here.
    04-21-13 12:11 PM
  5. camilo29's Avatar
    Agree with you man, BlackBerry haters GO TO HELL. My girlfriend has the white one and I got the black, I can say the white looks better, but the black has a better feeling (battery door is kind of rubbish material) ... hope this helps you decide

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    04-21-13 12:20 PM
  6. jpoulin587's Avatar
    I walked into a Verizon store to ask about it and they had none on display but he pulled one out of a cabinet. I said he was not going to sell many if they were hidden away. He replied, "They are not going to sell anyway."

    He went on the tell me he played with one for 30 seconds and he hated it. He really said 30 seconds.

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    04-21-13 12:47 PM
  7. bobshine's Avatar
    I can't upgrade to the Z10 until May 1, but I've made two visits to Verizon stores lately to hopefully see one and play around with it. In both circumstances, the salesperson not only had no clue (which I expected) but challenged me to defend my interest in Blackberry. In both cases I answered with "I'm a Blackberry fan". The first person told me it was good that I couldn't upgrade until May because the Samsung S4 would be out by then and "you'll have a choice". The other questioned why I wasn't "an Android person" and would have continued to challenge if I hadn't told him he could put the Z10 down on top of my PlayBook (with my Torch and Bold sitting nearby).

    What completely floors me is both stores had room to display the Z10 but didn't. The first store wouldn't even check in the back to see if they had one in stock - I watched another customer leave angry when told they didn't have any. The second store had the nerve to tell me there wasn't much interest in the Z10...well of course there isn't, stupid, if you don't display it!

    As a daily reader of Crackberry, I'm well aware of the situation. This is just a vent, as despite knowing the reality it still annoys me. At this point, I'll probably just order my Z10 off Amazon or the Verizon site just so I don't have to deal with another clueless store representative. Sigh.

    On the plus side, I finally got to play with a Z10 Excited for May! I just wish they'd had a white one so I could decide for sure which I want.
    Which city arre you in?

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    04-21-13 12:54 PM
  8. Sexy Sadie's Avatar
    We should team up with the WP8-users.
    04-21-13 12:59 PM
  9. manni1to's Avatar
    They shouldn't display a phone that doesn't work right half the time.

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    04-21-13 01:02 PM
  10. Bdot-1's Avatar
    They shouldn't display a phone that doesn't work right half the time.

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    04-21-13 01:38 PM
  11. R Field's Avatar
    I went to rogers said gimme a z10, the guy said which color and got it. If anyone had done anything but gone to the back and got my device I wouldn't stand for it. You are the customer and you buy what you want.

    Posted via CB10
    I think it's better in Canada all these instances I'm hearing are all from the US. The girl I spoke to on the phone to order my z10 on upgrade. I'm not sure if this was just to sell a phone or genuine but she sounded excited about it saying. "Oh we've had a lot of people ask about that. I think you're making a very good choice. I'm jealous." I guess she wasn't eligible for one yet.

    CB10- BlackBerry Z10
    04-21-13 02:51 PM
  12. pinkvikchick's Avatar
    is it valid to point out that all the posts so far sound like whining over salespeople? Complaining over tactics? Simpering ninnies have a great Sunday morning and look forward to better understanding salespeople and their temporary tactics.
    Right? Do your home work!!! I called ahead and a certain Verizon said they had it in stock. When I got there TWO salespersons said it wasn't. I kept reminding them I had called ahead and was told there was, and the finally "found" it. Then, the Verizon sales guy said no one make any cases, covers, or screen protectors and I told him that wasn't true. (Duh...it's been available for us in the us for 3-4 months, not the whole world)

    Then he tried to sell me on a galaxy s3, and I pulled out my s3 and told him that I was Upgrading FROM an S3.

    Get what you want. Stop crying, Verizon or any other salesperson is not your dad. And it's just a phone.

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    04-21-13 03:41 PM
  13. Trelaina's Avatar
    Which city arre you in?

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    Greensboro, NC
    04-22-13 10:04 AM
  14. Trelaina's Avatar
    Get what you want. Stop crying, Verizon or any other salesperson is not your dad. And it's just a phone.

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    I AM getting what I want, I am not crying (I specifically said I just wanted to vent) and it IS just a phone which is why I haven't made a huge deal of out it either time it's happened.
    04-22-13 10:05 AM
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