12-17-12 10:52 AM
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    Screen Resolution:
    Attachment 124296
    BB10 Dev. Alpha Devices are at 1280*768 in a 4.2" screen for a 355ppi... if released today, they would be industry leading
    Mighty Thor confirmed that BB10 device resolutions would be slightly lower at 1280*720 which at the assumed 4.2" screen gives you 350ppi

    Attachment 124293
    My only concern is the new Nexus 4 is already matching the resolution (NOTE: ppi is only 320 on Nexus 4) at a very low price point of $299 with 8GB of storage, or $349 with 16GB
    Yes, they both have great screens, but it is one less pitch to a potential customer to buy a new BB10 phone

    So far, we have nothing to go off of but rumours as to the chipset going into the new L-Series BB10 phones. So far, the consensus is this;
    Rumoured BB10 Device Spec - CrackBerry
    Snapdragon S4 Pro processor @ 1.5-1.7GHz
    Adreno 320 GPU
    Bluetooth 4.0
    802.11a/b/g/n (2.4/5 GHz)

    Nexus 4 seems to have the same chipset that has been rumoured for the upcoming L-Series BB10 Device for a very an insanely low price point.
    Official Nexus 4 Spec Sheet - Tech Crunch
    Attachment 124294

    This presents a new obstacle that RIM will need to market around to make BB10 a success, but that price point for state of the art hardware is going to be even harder to get around... Even the rumoured superphone Aristo Specs - CrackBerry still only meets the specs of this device that is releasing in Q4 2012 when aristo isnt set to launch until Q2-Q3 2013... by that time, it will be deemed to have mid range specs im sure at the rate android phones are launched.

    Now, arguments against this are:
    1. The screen resolutions arnt an issue, BlackBerry will still have the best PPI so therefore, its better. True, but when the marketing department tries to convince people and explain what "ppi" means... well, just another obstacle and more confusion will likely be the result.

    2. Thor just said in an interview they are not in the specs race, they are in the experience race. This is true, experience always trumps any specs as this has been argued plenty on the forums, but as it has also been discussed, this is BlackBerrys rebirth, is it a mistake to launch without having top of the range specs?

    3. Nexus 4 doesnt have expandable storage, this is a drawback for all of us BB users because we are used to having expandable storage in all of our BB handsets (excluding PlayBook)... but so far google drive is proving to be a popular place to store all of your data... the argument has been made that large games will need to be stored locally on the device, which i could see that hindering the experience for sure. This is still up for debate, so we shall see how it turns out.

    What is the CrackBerry communities thoughts on this? Google launching the Nexus 4 has no doubt made the marketing teams job at RIM harder, and i hope B1aze is right when he said RIM have only scratched the surface in showing us new features of BB10. We will know the answer to this in six months for sure, but in the mean time, has this changed anyones opinion on the matter, especially seeing those specs at that LOW low price?
    Doesnt have the new operating system. Car analgy works great here, most suv's have good engines but roll over cornering. It's all about how it works altogether. So if your looking to poison the good news about bb10 coming by posting specs like this go elsewhere. I read CRACKBERRY for bb10 news not some android phone.
    12-09-12 01:25 PM
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    I just want bb10 to be better than my current phone without memory leaks and the constant standby clock and closing of pages because it can't handle the size such is my bold 9700. By the sounds of it bb10 will suit me just fine... For me security is a big deal and i would be a little hesitant to go to my bank site using an android or windows phone...don't know about ios security but that doesn't really factor since apple is the evil empire from the dark side of the Force. ...plus i'm still attached to bbm for me to go elsewhere.
    12-15-12 07:31 PM
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    Who cares about +or- miniscule differences in screen resolution? BS
    Does the competitor to BB phone have BBM, pair by bridge to a tablet, and have high security?
    Most consumers buy based upon functionality for their need not a spec sheet.
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    12-15-12 10:08 PM
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    Who cares about +or- miniscule differences in screen resolution? BS
    Does the competitor to BB phone have BBM, pair by bridge to a tablet, and have high security?
    Most consumers buy based upon functionality for their need not a spec sheet.
    Actually most consumers by based on things like name and price and whatever bs the salesperson tells them they need to have.
    12-16-12 07:36 AM
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    The specs of the other phones are irrelevant we want BB's the specs for cyborg still results in the Os still lags ,battery life is weak and the phone actually does'nt improve and does'nt even tap into all the power it actually has.The orange phones specs are not top notch but people buy it so its really done to UX.Its only geeks going in phone shops talking about quadcores.Consumers go in looking for phone that their friends have ,looks nice and works and allows for certain apps.No one goes talking about quadcore this,snapdragon that mghz this and that.

    The best spec is proccessing and fine tuned optimazation.We have the best proccessing and the best antenna both saving us on battery life.All that matters is the ux working smoothly.
    12-17-12 10:52 AM
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