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    I remember one of the features of this keyboard was that it would learn where on the screen you commonly hit the keys and correct over time to be more accurate by using "heat mapping" or something like that. Did this feature make it into the production OS? Otherwise, I'm still waiting for mine to make some corrections; I am forever hitting the "i" instead of the "o" (or vice versa) and also the space key or Send instead of the period, among others occasionally. Has anyone noticed a gradual improvement in this area?
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    04-26-13 11:55 AM
  2. cmdrkeen86's Avatar
    It is one of their key advertising features that the keyboard learns over time. I have been wondering about this myself but figured I was just being impatient. Blackberry probably has it documented somewhere how long it would take and under which conditions it will adapt to a user's specific circumstances. I don't believe they have or will probably release such information as they probably consider it to be a trade secret.
    As far as my personal experience, I have not noticed any changes over the past 4 weeks. Maybe some other users have had better results.
    04-26-13 12:03 PM
  3. niss63's Avatar
    It does adapt, but it is limited by some type of distance parameters. A direct tap on "O" is not ever likely to be interpreted as an "I", but word substitution suggestions will help with longer words.

    I've found this combination of features allows me to type with greater speed and accuracy than I've been able to in the past, when using a touch screen device.

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    04-26-13 12:44 PM
  4. toobs623's Avatar
    O have noticed some improvement especially if I swipe up woth my words. At first I often hit? 123 instead of comma but not anymore same with t and y. I don't know if it works quite as well as advertised but it definitely does something

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    04-28-13 05:04 PM
  5. tranquilo's Avatar
    ^ doesn't seem to be working very well for you so far :P
    04-28-13 07:14 PM

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