04-16-13 04:05 PM
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    I was very excited when I first bought the phone and used the suggestive words with flicking motions. Then I decided to turn this feature off because coming from a physical keyboard, suggestive words look kind of busy and overwhelming at times. After one month of using the on-screen keyboard without word suggestive feature, I became much faster and more at easy tapping on glass. I was happy and content until last night I has to use the keyboard in landscape mode which has word suggestive feature on and let me tell you it was SO nice just flicking the words up to the text area. It occurred to me that hey I could change and this change is very convenient. So I turn it back on. This morning I had to reply a lot of urgent text messages during my meeting and I was overjoyed to see the words I wanted to use just magically appeared. I was able to flick up the words and finished the messages very quickly and got back to my meeting. So what is my point behind all of this rambling? I love the Z10's keyboard. I'm more satisfied with it then when I first bought it a month ago.
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    04-16-13 03:51 PM
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    After using my z10 for a day ,I learned to HATE predictive text. Constant wrong words on the space key was a real pain,and the font on the flick words to small to read without stopping and staring at them. So I turn off everything except spell check and auto cap. Same as I did on my 9900 and 9550. Now I type quit happily. May be if predictive text had a delay till it was 95% accurate in guessing what you are typing before putting a word on the space key. There would be less frustration with it. Having the right words start popping after a week or two is better I think than wrong words in the first text. Bad first impression.

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    04-16-13 04:05 PM
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