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    On my way to grab an afternoon coffee in Nashua last Thursday , I was surprised and excited to see the BlackBerry Keep Moving van in the Verizon parking lot.

    I stopped to talk to the BlackBerry representatives, take a photo, play the NFC game at the van, and check out the Verizon white Z10.

    The staff was cool, I won a prize (BlackBerry 10 travel cup), and we chatted about the platform, music apps on the Z10 (I'm a musician), and mutual excitement for BB10.

    It was cool to see the van out in Nashua. Thanks to the BlackBerry representatives for getting out there and making more people aware of BB10!

    Keep Moving in New Hampshire!-img_00000076.jpg

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    04-14-13 11:41 AM
  2. koool1's Avatar
    Very cool. I would have gone in to see them also. The reps always feedback to HQ so it makes sense to chat with them.

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    04-14-13 11:43 AM
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    I had the experience outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn before her concert there. Decided then to take the plunge.
    04-14-13 11:50 AM
  4. gunmetal's Avatar
    I was also the first person to stop at the van who was already a Z10 owner.
    Keep Moving in New Hampshire!-img_00000077.jpg

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    04-14-13 11:53 AM

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