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    So my wife is fed up with my HP Pre3 slowly dieing. So I bit the bullet and win a bid on a Verizon Z10 black. As all Q10s where out of my range and not having a . key annoyed the crap out of me SO MUCH every time I tested phones I am going to go the virtual keyboard route... If I cannot do it then..I guess I will start sending emails to BB saying they can sacrifice a right shift key for a dedicated period key..and see what the next phone lineup looks like.

    my current phone is not LTE, and I don't think the one I am getting comes with a LTE sim, do I just go buy one from the verizon store?

    I ordered one of those glass screen protectors, how are those? Any other needed cases etc? I hate cases, I use a belt holster.

    diving in...lets see how it goes!
    01-12-14 06:45 PM
  2. BBlunatic's Avatar
    Hit the forum and download the latest Os leak, specifically Load it app on the Z10, and fire it up, you will be amazed. And u can spice it up by sideloading the SNAP bar file, and you will be if App heaven. Long Live blackberry!!!!!

    Posted via CB10
    01-12-14 06:50 PM
  3. BKA22's Avatar
    Well you're going to want to get up to speed on how to upgrade your OS. Plenty of info here in the forums. As far as screen protectors and cases, it's a personal choice. I'm pretty sure most people have some sort of screen protector. I personally like the synthetic rubber type cases for my phone as it provides protection and doesn't make the phone too bulky to carry in my pocket. If you do like a case and a holster good luck. I have yet to find a holster that is large enough to hold the phone even with the thinest of cases in it.

    01-12-14 06:53 PM
  4. Xadion's Avatar
    I usually do no case and a holster, with a screen protector... This time a tempered glass one, I have been using stealth skins on my pre3 and wife's iphone 5.

    as for loading leaks, I had to do that with my pre's etc..webOS was so great with rooting etc.

    for apps, I really do not care.. I will side load Netflix Hulu Zillow and that's about it.. My phone is for productivity and the pre3 in that regard has no need to be replaced.

    if I don't get along with my Z10 I'll just resell it, I got it at a decent price and should be able to turn it around for no or small loss.

    thanks for all the info.
    01-12-14 07:14 PM

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