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    I had a similar post to this, about a week ago, but, since then, I've actually come across a few more things, so I thought I'd add them...

    I've had my BlackBerry Z10 for almost a month now, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with it. I've stayed away from full touch screen phones for a while, preferring the "real" keyboards on my 8310, 9700, and 9900; I do a lot of typing, and I enjoyed the speed and accuracy which they provided. However, I just needed to grab the first BB10 device, and, surprisingly, I'm not disappointed with the keyboard at all.
    Of course, the physical keyboard, at least for me, did provide a faster, two-handed typing experience, and I liked that I didn't have to look at my phone while composing text, but it was, undeniably, a less pleasurable experience for one-handed typing. Here's where the Z10 shines, in my opinion. In the first place, it's the best touch screen keyboard I've ever used (keep in mind, my experience with previous ones was limited to those of friends, family members, etc., and I never used one as extensively as I've used my Z10), and, while I do kind of miss how seamlessly my thoughts seemed to flow to my messages, without delay, on the physical keyboard, I don't mind using the swipe function. In fact, it allows me to type extremely quickly and accurately with one hand, something that I couldn't do on my older phones. That being said, there are a couple changes that I would like to see, and they're ones that I think BlackBerry should implement, if they really want to develop a "perfect" touch screen keyboard.

    While the comma and period both work well with words entered by means of swiping, I've noticed that other forms of punctuation, such as the semi-colon, parentheses, dash, etc., are all separated from the last entered word by a space (again, this is only when using swipe-based input). This means that I have to use the delete button before entering any of these characters. I would love it if BlackBerry could modify all forms of punctuation to behave similarly to both the comma and the period, so that there aren't extra spaces left lying around.
    Word Prediction:
    We're provided with the option to clear all predictive text information; however, we aren't given the ability to edit specific word substitution options. This isn't a major problem, but there are some words that I'd like to remove so that they don't keep popping up on my keyboard, and I don't want to delete all the other patterns that the device has learned. I feel as though adding an option to edit predictive text information, instead of just clearing it, would be a great addition.
    Word Substitution:
    The word substitution function doesn't work for me, at least when replying to text messages or emails through the Hub. I checked the "Settings" option for it, and it should be on, and I also made sure that it was enabled under SMS message options within the Hub. After a little research, I found that it also doesn't work in "Docs to Go." This is important, at least to me, because it has always been one of my favorite functions provided by BlackBerry, and it really makes typing a lot more efficient (note: I have auto correct set to "Off;" I'm not sure if that's a deciding factor, but it really shouldn't be, in my opinion).

    Anyway, those are the only issues that have really bothered me so far. Does anyone know of any solutions? If not, hopefully BlackBerry can address these in future updates. Thanks!
    05-07-13 07:37 AM

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