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    Hmmm, i've had the Z10 for about 30 days now (give or take a day or two).
    Love it for a BlackBerry (i've been using BB for over 6yrs now) , BUT some of these issues are ridiculous !!!

    i was wondering if the following issues are common:

    Model: STL100-3 S/w release: OS vers: Build:445581 Carrier: T-Mobile USA Pin: 2ab3efdc

    Keyboard/Text entry:
    -device keyboard completely freezes/unresponsive to any attempted text entry , after typing a # with "th" after (ex: 8th, 5th...) . Only a full power cycle or battery pull seems to temp resolve issue (until another "#" + "th" is typed). (sometimes the power cycle doesn't help, the restart feature seems to have no affect on resolving the issue)

    Text Messages:
    -threads consistently go out of chronological order upon power cycling/restarting/battery pull
    -after power cycling/restarting/battery pull, contact names will not show up in message list (just contacts phone #, even when contact is in Contacts)
    -sending MMS messes up the conversational thread with SMS, and will sometimes make a seperate thread for MMS & SMS with same contact.
    -SMS received with multiple recipients (group msg), will sometimes conflict or "double notify" of a message in a separate thread (if an individual SMS conversation is present with anyone replying from the group msg).

    BB Hub:
    - switching from Text Messages to another account in hub (ex: Email, Facebook, or Twitter), the device will completely freeze and even power cycled on occasion.

    -BT icon will not always leave top notification bar of home screen, even when BT is not on. (power cycle has temp. fixed)

    -playing music from sd card or device memory, device has randomly powered completely off or rebooted itself multiple times. (battery was fully charged & device was not being touched.)

    -downloading music files from different websites online, device has powered off or rebooted itself. (battery again was close to fully charged and not being touched or handled).
    -some Flash videos will sometimes play or not play.

    ....... i have done 2 factory resets/Security Wipe. also i have updated the BB10 OS once or twice since i have owned it.
    I'm very tempted to either try the Q10 or go to an iPhone 5.

    Anyone have any input or resolution to these consistent issues ????
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    05-04-13 11:32 PM
  2. PrettiiBadOne419's Avatar
    and Contact management seems **** poor. this Z10 has either duplicated or deleted contacts randomly or upon power cycling multiple times. and my contacts are not syncing with any services.. just saved between phone and sim card.

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    05-04-13 11:49 PM
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    05-05-13 12:47 AM
  4. Alain_A's Avatar
    you should try one of the leaks
    05-05-13 01:08 AM
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    Only thing of that list that I've had happen is the duplicate sms to the individual if there was a group mms prior.

    So ill go out in a limb and say it might be your phone itself.

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    05-05-13 01:26 AM
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    Simple. Take it back.


    Posted with a BlackBerry Z10
    05-05-13 01:32 AM
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    seems like you have a faulty phone... give it replaced... i've been using my Z10 for one month and a few days now and everything is working fine... i have had no issues with anything till now... and i never restarted my phone... well only once when the update was pushed by the carrier...
    05-05-13 08:11 AM
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    No issues here

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    05-05-13 09:13 AM
  9. PrettiiBadOne419's Avatar
    cool cool... Thanks all who replied.... looks like Tmobile is sending a replacement tomorrow. I'll see how this z10 works (hopefully better, cuz i dnt wanna have to go back to Apple)

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    05-05-13 05:33 PM

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