02-27-14 08:47 AM
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  1. codiak's Avatar
    I'm on the latest release with Glympse etc.
    02-14-14 09:37 AM
  2. Andy Bittner's Avatar
    When u install apps fresh, do not open it until you deny access to BBM. So make the deny bit first and then open the app just for few secs., for example to log in, or register an account and kill it completely. Then follow the instructions from my previous thread.

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    02-14-14 10:22 AM
  3. Stef007's Avatar
    That fixed my issues, thanks for sharing it with us! The only thing I noticed is that it connected the first time but after I closed BBM and opened the other apps again I didn't see the message that is connecting again...

    This was posted on the wonderful BB Z10, STL100-3,
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    02-14-14 01:48 PM
  4. Andy Bittner's Avatar
    That fixed my issues, thanks for sharing it with us! The only thing I noticed is that it connected the first time but after I closed BBM and opened the other apps again I didn?t see the message that is connecting again...

    This was posted on the wonderful BB Z10, STL100-3,
    Glad to hear you sorted it out. Every app connecting only once, so every time after you won't get this message 'connecting to BBM '.

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    02-14-14 01:54 PM
  5. codiak's Avatar
    I'm currently doing a software reload with the latest release from Vodafone. I'm going to try a restore first then if no joy I have had enough and will just start over without restoring my applications and media see where that goes.

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    02-14-14 02:03 PM
  6. codiak's Avatar
    Still no joy, looks like I have no other choice than to wipe and not restore. Then download and reinstall all my apps and games

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    02-15-14 01:19 AM
  7. Andy Bittner's Avatar
    R u running the latest OS? What is like?

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    02-15-14 02:49 AM
  8. codiak's Avatar
    They fixed the bug with Gmail accounts on active sync when trying to compose an HTML email I noticed

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    02-15-14 02:54 AM
  9. Andy Bittner's Avatar
    Nice one, still no joy with BBM connection thing? Have you read my both threads? Pretty sure someone said it worked.

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    02-15-14 02:57 AM
  10. codiak's Avatar
    Yep read and tried everything, once I restore my backup it all breaks again. So I've purchased SMS backup and fire chest backup apps to take care of some of my content and will just security wipe. All my save game progress on games will be lost but I don't think I have any other choice really

    I have sent one last tweet to @blackberryhelp see if they have any input now that I'm on a supported operating system.

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    02-15-14 03:22 AM
  11. codiak's Avatar
    I suppose I could try removing an app and install it again but I'm sure I did that already.

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    02-15-14 03:30 AM
  12. codiak's Avatar
    Yep just tried with pixilated game and didn't work.

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    02-15-14 03:32 AM
  13. codiak's Avatar
    You suggestion of channels bets, is that the side loading version? as I get nothing in the beta zone app to help change version

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    02-15-14 03:33 AM
  14. codiak's Avatar
    Well for the benefit of those following this, I went to beta zone website and installed that version of BBM, it fails to retrieve your info so I then upgrade it in the beta zone app.

    After this BBM integrated apps connect... so what now?

    I'm I stuck on an old version?

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    02-15-14 03:51 AM
  15. codiak's Avatar
    Reported in beta zone app discussion forum. See where it goes.

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    02-15-14 04:17 AM
  16. codiak's Avatar
    Tried, but I can't update to the latest BBM, BlackBerry doesn't tell me I have an update available. I do think the channels beta has made the mess here, surely someone at BlackBerry can fix this?

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    02-16-14 06:16 AM
  17. lmsilvam's Avatar
    Codiak the latest BBM build is somewhere in the forums so you can sideload it... but sadly your problem with connecting apps will return. It's the same issue I have. Thanks for reporting it and will you keep us posted?

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    02-17-14 02:12 AM
  18. codiak's Avatar
    Will do, also informed @blackberryhelp on twitter.

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    02-17-14 02:55 AM
  19. codiak's Avatar
    I have had a reply on the beta zone forum, but only to confirm my operating system version and my version of BBM.

    BlackBerry World reports it as the latest but we all know it's not. I did make a point of telling them I have had to use their version download and install from Beta zone using USB to have BBM connected working as intended.

    This really is sloppy if you ask me!

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    02-24-14 05:00 AM
  20. codiak's Avatar
    After getting into discussions and and email exchange with someone at beta zone I was enrolled into a limited group for a newer version of BBM.

    Safe to say that new version fixed the problem for me. Let's hope it makes its way into a production release soon.

    Hope that helps.

    Posted via CB10
    02-27-14 08:47 AM
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