1. Linqed's Avatar
    I've started experiencing an issue with my email lately that didn't happen before. On my gmail account, I have many folders set up. I made sure that they are being synced in the account settings, and indeed those emails get delivered to my phone - but straight into the folder, WITHOUT going into my main inbox or the hub. In other words, I don't get a notification that they've arrived, and they remain "unopened" and bolded, but yet don't even show up in the main hub or even in my main gmail folder.

    This only started happening recently, and the only way I could notice it was by going into my online gmail and realizing that all my folders had unread emails. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
    04-24-13 09:45 PM
  2. RazzBerry's Avatar
    gmail is having issues with the Z10.
    Remember gmail is G**gle and they are trying to sell their own phones and not really interested in a good user experience for BB users. IMHO
    04-24-13 10:01 PM

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