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    Please forgive me if this has already been discussed, I did a search and didn't find any posts. I have two iPod Touches, an Acer tablet (Android), a PlayBook and a Z10. I did a speed test on each and they were all roughly the same speed. Except my Z10 is a lot slower. I have two speed test apps on my Z10 and either they are not accurate or my Z10 is about 80% slower than my other devices. All tests were conducted at the same time using my home Wi-Fi network.

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    12-02-13 11:07 AM
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    If you are doing all that amount of test at the same time, you will have a download velocity thing, perhaps use different times for the test first one device then another

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    12-02-13 11:12 AM
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    Use www.speedtest.net in the browser. It's a little slow to load, but gives me accurate results.

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    12-02-13 11:36 AM
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    Sorry, I should have said one right after the other.

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    12-02-13 12:51 PM

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