1. jrf1's Avatar
    This is a really strange issue so any help will be appreciated.

    So, I am assuming most here know that the Z10 can't run the latest version of Instagram. A previous version runs fine with no issues....until now.

    I have two Instagram accounts. On one account, the direct messaging feature works fine with no problems. One the second account, though, I can't use direct messaging because it is requiring me to update Instagram. I get this message when I try to use direct:

    'Update Your App to use Direct. Your Instagram app is out of date . Update it now to use Direct.'

    Again, what is strange is that I don't get this message with the other account.Instagram requiring my Z10 to update the Direct feature. Can't update. Direct not working.-img_20180222_185337.png
    02-22-18 06:14 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Only a matter of time. As apps get older, it's going to begin forcing you to upgrade and then it just won't work at all for you. As for it working on account but not the other, it just hasn't caught up yet. It will. Instagram rolls things out slowly to users.
    02-22-18 07:57 PM

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