1. SRVwannab's Avatar
    I'm presently carrying a RAZR Maxx HD and although it is way smoother than previous versions of Android, it still is clunky (relative to the king of smooth, the iPhone).

    How smooth is the Z10? Do you find delays when switching between aps or times when the phone is just not very responsive?

    I'm excited to be back in the Blackberry camp!!
    05-08-13 12:16 AM
  2. dannejanne's Avatar
    Smoother than Android Jelly Bean.

    Basically it's as smooth as iPhone but with it's small framedrops from time to time. Mine has never "lagged" though in the sense it has taken time for it to do a task. The flow is amazing. Only the settings app stutters a little. Native apps and all else is on par with iPhone smoothness. Smoother than anything Android when coding is properly made.
    05-08-13 12:20 AM
  3. ryankidd17's Avatar
    I can't believe it's not butter
    russworman and R Field like this.
    05-08-13 12:21 AM

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