1. jimcanada's Avatar
    I have just upgraded to the new Z10. I had a 9800torch. The transfer worked great for this device. I now have a customer wanting to do the same thing. ( we are a blackberry dealer) They have a storm. When I go to import the contacts, none show up in the contacts list. There is no SIM in this device. Running OS, no other updates for it either.

    Please help! There are 111 contacts that are not showing up on the device. All the BBM, Twitter and facebook contacts are showing up.
    02-13-13 03:16 PM
  2. xamdam's Avatar
    use Bluetooth to transfer them over.

    If that not work, then you will need to get them off from phone as a .vcd and email them to a emaill adddress like hotmail and then open browser on new phone and install them one by one, make sure to email them as a single file, of cousre you can max send 50-60 attachments all at once. I had to do it this was from my android samsung s3 as i sold it and all i had was a .sbu backup file in which i had to find a program to extract my contacts and then convert to .vcd and email them to myself.
    02-13-13 03:23 PM
  3. jimcanada's Avatar
    Just tried the blutooth option, only transferred 1 contact. Starting to think there is something wrong with the device...
    02-13-13 03:59 PM
  4. pboud_01's Avatar
    Can you flip the existing addresses to a Gmail account? Then it would just be a matter of logging into the account on the new phone and synchronizing the contacts.

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    02-13-13 04:08 PM
  5. dpeper's Avatar
    Can't get my outlook contacts onto bb10
    02-22-13 11:30 AM

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