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    I want to make a very important reiteration of suggestions that keep coming up but are seemingly not being implemented in 10.1.

    Orientation must be fixed and made universal! If this is to be a true "Mobile Computing" platform then we should be able to use landscape whenever we want. With all the vertical only scenarios currently on the Z10, I am vert aware that I am using a phone OS.

    Calendar...come on!
    Maps...even bigger come on!
    World...setting a bad example and now developers are making vertical only apps like Spotify, Apollo, etc

    As a matter of fact -- screw making a list. The whole mentality needs to change. Instead of asking ourselves as developers, "Should I make a horizontal orientation for this app?", the question should be: "Are there any specific reasons why this app needs a forced orientation?"

    In other words, both orientations should be developed for by default. I frankly don't care if YOU can't see why someone may want to use it one way or another. You may think, for example, why would I want the phone horizontal? Hmm...maybe I have it car mounted for GPS and a call comes in and I don't have the ability to safely flip the phone on the road.

    I thought really long and hard and the only apps I can think of that make sense at all to restrict are:

    Video camera horizontal only - let's end the madness from the source once and for all

    Phone vertical only but only apply restriction if speakerphone is off. If a call is answered horizontally default to speakerphone. That would be a FANTASTIC time saver which is what BlackBerry is all about right?

    Widescreen games horizontal only

    But most importantly out of all of this is the multitasking and very nature of Flow being negatively degraded due to it essentially being nonexistent for horizontal use of the Z10.

    I had a dream that active frames and peak worked in landscape. It was gooooood.

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    04-28-13 12:50 PM
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    I'm with you brother!
    05-12-13 11:24 PM

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