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    This is more of a kudos to Blackberry and it's employees past and present who made my Z10 STL100-3, which I got right at the beginning.

    I always read through the issues that people have had over the past year and wonder if I really did receive a blessed phone. I've played with the leaks all the way through, experimented, tried lots of apps, etc. and I can honestly say I've never had ANY issues with my Z10.

    I don't consider fighting with Blackberry Link or having a particular app not work to be an issue. I"m talking about crashes, bricking, having to wipe clean, random reboots, and so on. Even with leaks, sometimes I'd restore, sometimes I'd do a clean install just to experiment, I still had never had a problem regardless. I've never lost data or contacts or anything.

    The worst thing I can think of was the short battery life right at the beginning. For this, I ordered the battery/charger combo but by the time I received it, I had already started installing leaks and for the most part, the battery life had greatly improved so my charger and extra battery haven't seen much use.

    The smooth rollout of the official 10.2.1 has to be the highlight of this past year though. It downloaded and installed cleanly and my Z10 feels like a brand new phone again. I was running the leak at the time so that could be why it seemed like such a vast improvement.

    I'm fortunate in that I am able to experience the other platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows 8, through computers and tablets. I can say that there are features I like in all of them but for a phone, the one tool I always have with me, I would not want anything else but a Blackberry running 10.2.1. It is far and away the best phone I have ever had.

    I feel for the people who have had different issues for whatever reasons. If you are new to the forums, I realize it can look like there are an abundance of issues but those will always be the majority of threads as people are looking for solutions. You don't always get to see posts like this. It would get pretty annoying if I posted a "I Have No Problems" thread every week.

    If you are considering (or reconsidering) buying a Blackberry, I'd venture to say there are more people like me that have had a great experience. And now that the 10.2.1 update is here (admittedly, this is the os that ideally should've launched with BB10 originally) now is the time to give Blackberry a good serious look. In my opinion, it is now the best mobile OS on the market.
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    01-30-14 08:05 AM
  2. scienceboy's Avatar
    hear, hear. I had the same experience with my Z10, though I've since upgraded to a Z30, which I love even more. With current pricing and the capabilities of these devices I seriously don't know why anyone wouldn't seriously consider a BB 10 device vs anything else.
    01-30-14 08:10 AM
  3. KemKev's Avatar
    But for the odd thing or two on my phone, I echo your sentiments. Excellent and refreshing post; thank you
    01-30-14 08:11 AM

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