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    Hi there! Right now I'm using a moto x, which I like a lot, but being that the Z10 are getting cheap I wanted to try them, but I have a couple of questions.
    1.- Can I sync my calendar and contacts from my google account to the z10 and keep them updated (i.e. If I change a contact on my z10 will it modify the contact on my google account).
    2.- I'm with att right now and have an unlimited data plan. Does blackberry use a different plan? or can I just move my sim card from one phone to the other?

    01-21-14 10:59 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    1. Yes.
    2. Same plan.
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    01-21-14 11:01 PM
  3. medic22003's Avatar
    I move my sim on Verizon from a DROID razr m to my z10 and either phone loads up and works. I am new to BlackBerry so I can't answer the sync questions. Honestly I never wanted nosy Google syncing anything for me so I always turned that off. I think I read somewhere that Google calendars and the like don't sync with BlackBerry but don't quote me. I will say I've always owned droids and this BlackBerry blows them away. I don't need many apps so I don't have the complaints some folks do. Nice not to need an app to set separate sounds for each contact. Nice to not have to download a browser just because the one on the phone won't support flash. You don't NEED a lot of apps with these for that stuff. I know more than you asked for but thought I'd throw that out there.

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    01-22-14 12:08 AM
  4. SmileDahling's Avatar
    1. Yes.
    2. Same plan.

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    01-22-14 12:21 AM
  5. marinoe's Avatar
    It perfectly syncs with google contacts, calendar and mail, you can set up the frequency too.
    You just swap sim card from ur other device, as long as ur z10 is att or unlocked.
    01-22-14 12:40 AM
  6. reelon's Avatar
    Does the z10 use a micro or nano sim card. My moto X uses a nano sim.

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    01-22-14 02:05 PM
  7. NtotheK's Avatar
    Micro sim

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    01-22-14 02:18 PM
  8. reelon's Avatar
    thanks for the information. I will be on the look out for a z10 on craigslist or ebay.
    01-22-14 11:08 PM

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