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    A few years ago, I never gave much thought as to what type of phone I wanted...If Verizon was handing them out for free, then I gave it consideration...that is how I got my 9650. At the time I didn't know the difference between a Blackberry and a Droid...Well, my wife ended up with a Droid Incredible....and I got the 9650. I have loved this phone, along with all its quirks...I like its size, its keyboard and the quality feel, the ability to customize the display and so forth....I don't like the small display anymore, as my old eyes are losing their ability to focus on very small letters and numbers. And surfing the web is a trial of patience. So, like many, I have been excited at the release of the Z10...Since I can't get it for free, I figured I'd wait a bit and see how well it performed after release. So, I have read the reviews, peoples's opinions, Crackberry, and so forth. I only know one person who actually has one and he loves it....but then again, he also sells them for his job. Opinions on this site, Verizon, Cnet, et al. are as diverse as their are people....Many love it, many hate it, ....wait a minute, that is exactly how the opinions run over at Apple...and at Droid....and all the others. So, how does on make up their mind what to buy? Comparing Apples and Blackberrys....is very much like comparing apples and oranges. I like both...but can't afford both...So what is a guy to do? I would that the rest of the business world would recognize Blackberry for what it is...a great competitor that deserves all the apps everyone else has...I do like some apps that are not available for the Z10...but guess what, I have a Kindle Fire HD for them...so...it looks like I will continue the Blackberry tradition....Thanks for the help....
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    04-15-13 08:04 PM
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    You won regret it,
    04-15-13 08:16 PM

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