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    The Z10 was hyped even my friends were talking about it and there a bunch of deluded guys who have been sucked into buying a plastic phone with paint on the back. Let's face it the Z10 is a great phone but what makes it better than say a Samsung Galaxy S4; exactly. On the other hand I'm not saying the Z30 is the best smartphone in the world by any means but if BlackBerry had released that first it would have got absolute rave reviews. I would have happily waited until 10.1 before they released any devices because below was atrocious. But anyway these are just thoughts BlackBerry's are great phones, and besides some of my friends have ditched iPhone but of course for Samsung or HTC...wow.

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    02-24-14 02:33 PM
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    The OS was different when the z10 came out to the z30

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    02-24-14 02:49 PM
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    I didn't even bother to finish reading the opener's post due to all of their grammatical errors. Better luck next time.

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    02-24-14 02:52 PM
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    Thanks for your support much appreciated.

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    02-24-14 02:55 PM
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    I used to have an S3 and I was a fan of Android till November last year. In my experience, android was a headache. Sometimes things would work and sometimes they would not. Force closes were pretty common. I had to do so much work to get some things to work properly and then it would just duck up after a reboot.

    Then there is battery life. All sorts of things would eat the battery. Installing apps carried risk of battery drain. Wake locks. There was an Audio_out2 bug that was a real pain. This bug was not only present on the S3 but was in fact a android bug that plagued some other devices too. Switching the sound on/off, vibrate on/off would trigger this bug and then would eat your battery.

    Android is a constant headache. After switching over to the Z10 I realised the amount of crap I did on android to make it work wasn't necessary. Battery life is great. I am no longer afraid to change settings on my own phone. Not afraid to install apps. It's a breath of fresh air for me.

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    02-24-14 03:01 PM

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