View Poll Results: What smartphone would you start using if BlackBerry stopped selling phone?

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  • iPhone 5 or 5s

    42 30.22%
  • Samsung Galaxy 4 (or other Samsung Galaxy)

    27 19.42%
  • Google Nexus 5 (or other Nexus)

    14 10.07%
  • Moto X

    7 5.04%
  • Other Motorola Android Phone

    1 0.72%
  • Sony Xperia (any iteration)

    6 4.32%
  • Other Android Phone

    8 5.76%
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 (or other Lumia)

    27 19.42%
  • Other Windows Phone

    7 5.04%
01-18-14 06:22 AM
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  1. guygardner73's Avatar
    Jolla..... mines just arrived!

    Posted via CB40
    Hmm, enjoy those sub Z10 specs at double the price.

    Z10STL100-2/ O2 UK
    01-14-14 09:24 AM
  2. Johnny Crack's Avatar
    Probably buy a couple of Q10's and a Z30 and a few 9900's.. (serious).

    Second option, HTC One.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 09:54 AM
  3. jd_statman's Avatar
    Probably Android but I have always used the BlackBerry. Not a fan of the android interface and dashboard. IPhone wouldn't even bee an option. Maybe windows but that's last resort.

    Posted via ZED10-BEAST
    01-14-14 10:50 AM
  4. ajst222's Avatar
    Windows Phone

    Photo a Day Channel: C002B5A07
    01-14-14 11:08 AM
  5. Corden Naraga's Avatar
    Since I already had a almost a year old Note 2 and a week old Z10, I'll wait for an Ubuntu Touch powered phone

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 11:09 AM
  6. NinerJet9's Avatar
    Iphone for sure. Android is to fragmented,has poor security and the applications are not as refined as iOS apps.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 11:55 AM
  7. alternator77's Avatar
    Ill wait for a galaxy note running windows 8.

    Between office integration and the spen it should be a lot of fun.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 12:08 PM
  8. lcgoldman's Avatar
    I'd either go back to a landline (only thing around that's more reliable than my Z10)

    Or, two tin cans and some string!
    01-14-14 12:22 PM
  9. tommo7788's Avatar
    Oh dear...I hope you're not too offended.
    If I cared about specs I'd get a Samsung, I'm just looking forward to an open OS again.
    Great comment though, you nearly made me send it back.

    Posted via CB40
    01-14-14 12:32 PM
  10. Thor1972's Avatar
    I'd stop communicating...

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 03:26 PM
  11. DiscoKing426's Avatar
    None. Android OS is frustrating and Apple proprietary BS is a rip off and Windows phones are in the same boat as BlackBerry; lack of developer support.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 04:04 PM
  12. Lostonline's Avatar
    Easy, another BlackBerry.

    I wouldn't care if it wasn't marketed to "consumers".

    CEO Chen has already spoken on this topic, there will be a BlackBerry waiting for you when you get your next phone.

    CDN BB
    donmateo likes this.
    01-14-14 04:12 PM
  13. castano22's Avatar
    If they stop making phones for consumers I would try to get a BlackBerry phone off contract directly from BlackBerry.

    If they stop making phones I would go for Ubuntu OS

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 04:39 PM
  14. tgillan's Avatar
    A lumia of some sort. I was playing with the 1020 the other day and it's really nice.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 05:13 PM
  15. RezzaBuh's Avatar
    Jolla. Actually I already have one. But in current state it's unusable, so I'm on Q10.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 05:37 PM
  16. anon5759238's Avatar
    WP or Apple

    Swordsmanship Channel C000C9AF6
    01-14-14 05:43 PM
  17. extisis's Avatar
    Android and Windows Phone is a "no go" for me, so it'd have to be iPhone 5s (or the next iPhone), or the Jolla phone. Most likely though is that I'd keep using my Z10 until it dies and then go back to my old thrustworthy Nokia N9 with Meego Harmattan (still better swipe experience than BlackBerry 10).
    Interesting. Seemed like the N9 was the first (and only) of its kind. Wasn't that some modified form of Symbian?

    Z10 STL100-3 using CB10 on 10.2.1
    01-14-14 05:50 PM
  18. bluesjr01's Avatar
    I used Samsung religiously before I got my first BlackBerry, so one of their products and hope someone makes a keyboard case for it, got to have a Qwerty keyboard.

    Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.
    01-14-14 06:12 PM
  19. lstrike's Avatar
    N9 running Meego had nothing to do with Symbian. I was an alternate OS Nokia worked on. It was supposed to be the final step in getting what used to be Maemo to market as the consumer facing modern Linux based touch friendly Nokia device. Ultimately prior to EFLOP the plan was for Meego to be the high end Nokia line and Symbian to be moved down stream.

    Maemo had been around for years on Nokias tablet style devices. Nokia was building some pretty cool tablet like devices, mini computers running Linux that could do it all pretty much (Nokia n900, n800 etc.)

    I had the n900 and loved that thing. I still have a Nokia n9 64gb model pretty awesome. I love what blackberry did with os10. I think Palm Web OS was also on the right track OS wise. Still probably the best card based multitasking with stacks of multiple app instances. Swipe based is was great. Hardware sucked though. Loving my z10. Hope BlackBerry keeps making the OS better and better as they have so far.

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-14 06:28 PM
  20. Chrisjd514's Avatar
    Land line...

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-14 01:02 AM
  21. axllebeer's Avatar
    Land line...

    Posted via CB10
    Lol. 1 step forward and 1,000 steps back?

    Funny though.
    01-15-14 01:11 AM
  22. LuVJuGGs's Avatar
    A regular t9 or something without data...just calls and sms

    I flick!
    01-15-14 02:23 AM
  23. jcarlos100's Avatar
    Stock up on Z10s
    Lol nah hmm probably a iPhone but if I want to read Manga then Maybe the moto g

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-14 02:29 AM
  24. donmateo's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-14 02:36 AM
  25. Ghostma77's Avatar
    Huawei Ascend Mate

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-14 07:35 AM
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