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    This message is not intented to insult anyone's feelings or to start trolling. I just want all of us Blackberry fans to open our eyes to what is happening.

    I have been a long term Blackberry fan, used it since 2004. I would only use a keyboard. I switched to the Z10 9 months ago and i actually liked it. It was my first touch screen experience. For 9 months i have been hoping for more apps to come (spotify, instagram, etc...). It never came. But, i appeased myself by thinking how much more productive this BB OS was. Fast typing, good multi tasking, no hickups etc...

    But then came upgrades. The most recent one slowed down the SMS to an unworkable speed. So i installed a leak to solve this. [I don't believe in these solutions for a BB public. We are used to stability, to corporate policy etc... asking us to load a leak is kind of crazy].

    I am a very heavy user. Battery life is actually quite miserable. But i adapted. I have chargers everywhere: next to my bed, in the car, on my office desk, and in my briefcase in case off. Even in weekend, when the usage was lower, i still couldn't do a full day.

    Finally, i switched. Oh boy, throw away those misconceptions about Android. This Nexus 5 rocks.
    Productivity wise, i am not loosing anything, to the contrary. The keyboard is as fast as the Z10's. The multi tasking works perfectly. After 1 hour of customizing, this machine is more productive then the Z10 ever was. After 1 full day of working, i am faster on many things then with the Z10. And i am actually still discovering the OS.

    And top, i have all the goodies. Google Maps and Now integration is superb. Spotify works as a dream. I have all the productivity apps i would ever want.

    Plus: the battery life rocks. And you can charge wireless.

    And it only costs 400

    Guys, open your eyes. I still love Blackberry for what it was. But the future is elsewhere.
    01-07-14 12:31 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    Glad you found a device you like OP.
    01-07-14 01:01 PM
  3. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Ok, peace out. Enjoy your new device. Check out - Android Central | Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
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    01-07-14 01:06 PM

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