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    Hello everyone

    I'm very new to blackberry and need some help. Been trying to go through the forum but can't quite get what I'm fully looking for.

    Brought my Z10 yesterday.... Downloaded apps etc but now trying to get instagram and snapchat. The software I have is the

    Last night I managed to understand that u need to download the java thing and the ddbd or something. Then get a ARK(think that's what it's called)!and install it. Tried instagram 5.0 and the old one 4.0 and still got the error saying this device camera if not compatible or something.

    Even tried the hole deleting it and re adding etc. but no luck.

    Do I need a software update? If so how do I do this. And how do I get instagram if I use the leaked software version. Can I just download the leaked version and then it will work?

    Basically I'm finding it so confusing and need a dummy's guide to it if anyone can talk through it please!!

    Thanks guys x
    02-19-14 01:50 AM
  2. akOnalangBFmo's Avatar
    Check for available Software Update. You need to have 10.2.1 not to run .apk ( android apps ).

    RFE: For Software Update go to > Settings > Software Update.
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    02-19-14 02:12 AM
  3. serbanescu's Avatar
    For Instagram access you may use a client you can find in BlackBerry World - iGrann - it has very good reviews.


    Screen Timeout app - keep your BB10 screen awake as long as you need
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    02-19-14 02:17 AM
  4. alb010's Avatar
    firstly you need to update to 10.2.1
    than you have to get "snap" from here You Upgraded to OS 10.2.1 and want to run Android ... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    and from snap you can install instagram for android
    02-19-14 03:03 AM
  5. newcollector's Avatar
    OP, if your carrier has not released the 10.2.1 update, then you will have load it either by going to the BB10 Leaks section of CrackBerry and download the OS to your computer, unzip it, then load it on to your phone via the provided autoloader.

    The other alternative is to search the forum for Sachesi Firmware Extractor and download it to your computer. Then you can search, find and download the OS on to your phone. This is the method I prefer since I don't have to set up my phone again.

    PM me and let me know what you want to do and I will give you specific step by step instructions.

    Posted via CB10 via my Z10
    02-19-14 08:54 AM

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