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    we don't want to leave blackberry
    z10 is my 4th blackberry device
    i am promoting blackberry to the people like its my own dad company
    but i really feel little bad from the comments i keep getting

    i will give those comments as an advice of blackberry lover who want this company to last in the market and to be on the top of the mountain so please take a good care and read carefully because this is the only way to reach your side and tell you what people are feeling

    broadcast seleting
    there is no select all which gives a big headace for the sender
    if the purpose is the people who doesnt like to get the BC
    you can add an option (if it's possible) block BC from specific member
    then the use can talk to this member without getting any BC

    Copy and Past
    its a big problem when you want to copy anything from BBM user
    coz the name will be coppied as well then we have to make edite
    which is disturbing
    in whats app messanger is much better because it doesnt copy the name.

    also copy the status of BBM member ! we can't copy the status!

    when someone send a broadcast from old BlackBerry device to Z10
    things will not be exactly as it sent
    all the users will have the same view of the sender
    but Z10 users will not get the same thing
    its only 10% but still disturbing

    Next line
    why we can't jump to the next line !!!!!!!!!!

    the PING!!! reason is to alert the others but why the device doesn't shake with the ping
    we need the vibration when we get PING!!!

    Program problem
    Skype, Viber, Instigram, MessageMe, we need those and more
    so we can leave totally our second mobile
    like in Saudi Arabia and GCC most of youth
    they will be holding either
    BlackBerry with Iphone
    BlackBerry with Samsung
    but if the company will be able to provide the device with all programs
    they will leave those devices and only keep BlackBerry
    if you can approach them more well i guess they will end up using Z10 & Q10 together
    i guess that will be giving much benefit to your side

    Keyboard on BBM
    when we open the chat of BBM the keyboard will suddenly pops up
    normally we are going to read something but it keep disturbing the user
    on the other hand whats app messenger is working greatly
    coz the keyboard do not appear, so when we want to write we will touch writing area.

    also the keyboard after while of using get slower and in arabic language is more slower
    so i assume that the second language will be more slower than the english
    i wish you can solve this problem in ur update

    it will be better if you give the chance to the people to add some letters under the once that already there
    like when i keep my finger on A it will show me some different shape of A's
    why in the input i can't add some type of writing by my own
    like the system of shortcut that we add

    ARABIC keyboard
    width of squares are not like english in whatsoever
    english letter width is so nice in typing without any mistakes at all
    in arabic i don't know why they are adding some letters
    they can simply put them under ONE square coz they look alike so user will choose
    like when u keep holding the square they will appear instead of killing space with no reason !!!
    و & ؤ
    هـ & ـه & ـة
    ي & ئ & ى
    ء & أ
    all those letters can be under 3 squares only ! so there will much space for Arabic typing ppl
    based on that the width will allow people write arabic normally like they do with english
    when someone type arabic its very hectic coz mistakenly we touch different letter

    phone book
    the linking of the accounts with phone book is a good idea but why
    they didn't add an option called DEVICE number
    such as Simcard, twitter, email, etc
    so if someone want to check only the name that saved on the device
    will just go to the device
    like if someone want to check e-mail contacts will go e-mail only
    if they want to check SimCard only they will go to SimCard
    so basically device option is very important

    Battery problem
    blackberry made a big jump and success to the users with Blackberry Z10
    we are so thankful for that but the company must be aware after changing
    many things especially like processors etc. the device will require higher battery potential
    to last for longer time coz under this case of only 8 to 10 hours usage it disturbs the users
    otherwise they need to carry the charger in their pockets
    we faced this battery problem only with 9900 comparing to old Blackberry devices
    but 9900 was better than Z10 so that considered a problem
    if Z10 battery wasn't as good as devices before 9900 then AT LEAST it should be like 9900
    but logically it must be even better than all the old devices

    another strange thing is the battery HEAT
    why there is a heat??????

    even some people they are giving advice to cover NFC with tap or tissue
    to prevent the heat and giving higher usage to the battery during the day
    i wish u will not drive people to start going to this kind of moves
    coz if everything was perfect in the 1st place nothing of that will be happened


    Your Sincerely
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    04-16-13 10:29 PM
  2. RazzBerry's Avatar
    Be patient. Device and OS are new.
    Dev's will make apps and the updates will come.
    04-16-13 10:32 PM
  3. pagozahd's Avatar
    Hopefully fixs the battery heating up too

    Posted via CB10
    04-16-13 10:38 PM
  4. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    Test out viber here!!

    Viber for BlackBerry - Free calls and Free messages on blackberry (this is the ota link - phone browser link)
    04-19-13 05:38 PM

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