1. coldfir3's Avatar
    Maybe not everyday but I love my Z10 lol. Today I wanted a file a friend of mine had on his MacBook. I figured we both had bluetooth enabled so he sent it through blue tooth. Took about 5 mins. Also the file was a .zip file.

    Now every phone does that; bluetooth that is.

    I navigate to my MEDIA CARD...

    I fall in love with my phone every day-img_20130931.png


    I fall in love with my phone every day-img_20130932.png

    ...and then I get sucked into this beautiful piece of software BBRY put together

    I fall in love with my phone every day-img_20130933.png
    I fall in love with my phone every day-img_20130934.png

    After you push okay, You get a msg on screen that says something like "navigate to the folder you wish to unzip".

    Proceeded to nagivage...

    I fall in love with my phone every day-img_20130936.png


    I fall in love with my phone every day-img_20130937.png


    I know blackberry's had the means to download .zip files before, I've had previous bbrys. But the fluidity and efficiency of how I was able to get all this done was just so perfect. I've had my z10 since release week in Canada and I never knew this was on my phone. Just thought I'd share.
    11-08-13 02:13 AM
  2. southlander's Avatar
    The built in zip/unzip flows very well. Good design.

    11-08-13 02:20 AM
  3. todbanner's Avatar
    I discovered this just the other day. Was over the moon that it could do that!

    Posted by CB10 on Z10.2.0.1372
    11-08-13 02:42 AM
  4. BBUniq01's Avatar
    I am constantly amazed at how well my phone does things when it comes to integration of multiple files etc. Nice UI.

    Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10
    11-08-13 08:04 AM
  5. hrim5493's Avatar
    yeah 10.2 has vastly improved the ease with moving and unzipping files. It's very smooth
    11-08-13 08:06 AM
  6. joe_23's Avatar
    I recently discovered this as well. Actually, I was transferring the same album to my brothers Z10! Hehehe

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-13 08:13 AM
  7. Bdot-1's Avatar
    If only your girlfriend knew how to unzip..

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-13 10:34 AM
  8. rayzian's Avatar
    man I thought I was looking at my music folder for a second good choice in music (well besides akon lmao), I've also impressed android/ios coworkers with the built in zip capabilities
    11-08-13 10:37 AM
  9. conbrio29's Avatar
    The Z10 really is a beautiful piece of software and hardware engineering, that's for sure! The BlackBerry Flow is a really nice touch, and I love seeing how everything just seamlessly flows. Great job BlackBerry!

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10.
    11-08-13 10:52 AM
  10. creowano's Avatar
    Me, too.

    via my amazing Z10
    11-09-13 03:36 AM

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