1. A7mdzGush's Avatar
    so this is my 2nd z10 the first the bberror thing tried to fix it but didint work so i replaced it with a new one under warranty, now my z10 is out of battery, whenever i plug it to charge
    it charges till 3 % then it turns off and the display goes flickery and scrambled then it shuts down without charging i have to replug the charge so it charges, and again it does the same thing please help whats going on what should i do..
    01-18-14 04:44 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If it doesn't charge it is either a hardware issue with the phone, a cable issue with the cable you are using, or a battery issue. Have you called your carrier about this phone?

    I have never heard of nor have had that problem.
    01-18-14 04:57 PM
  3. A7mdzGush's Avatar
    i dont know.. but the warranty is at axiom telecom not my carrier and im not at the same city as it is right now
    01-18-14 05:16 PM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    Are you using the stock charger? Even if you are, perhaps you should try another.
    01-18-14 05:20 PM
  5. ronfc's Avatar
    Try using a different charger.
    01-18-14 06:00 PM
  6. Mr.Monty's Avatar
    This certainly sounds like a hardware issue. When you replace your phone, what parts do they replace? Are you getting a whole new (or refurbished) device + battery + charger, or just the device?

    This may sound like an odd question, but Verizon replaces only the device. You reuse you're battery cover, battery, and charger.
    01-18-14 06:07 PM

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