04-22-13 05:46 PM
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    I work in The Netherlands with a big provider.

    This afternoon I just call 2 companies who just bought at 5 april (receive date) 5x and 11x a blackberry Z10 mobile. i just asked them how it was working and if theye where happy about the phone's . They had no complains. There where some problems for a few people with battery drain but they solved with there ICT internal and happy. Both companies love the keyboard and the HuB and ofcourse i sell it to them they love my advice
    to take it . (thank GOD)

    The women of the small company was also happy with her camera and she said that also the keyboard and the whole os was much beter than iphone (they had some iphone 4) She only say that she doesn't like the design but she get used to it, now using a wallet cover she said and love it. I also asked if people had reset problems with the software but no problems at all.

    I always call mine client's if they chance to a new phone (after 2-3 weeks) or subscribe (after 4-6 months) and was pleased to her that
    they happy with the phone's.

    Anothe client i called was a client with 42 numbers and asked them about the Nokia 920 and they guy of the ICT had mixed feeling because he also tested the new blackberry 10 and love this phone. They have now the iphone 4S and wanted to drop this phone because they have problems with huge internet use and physical damaged mobiles over the last year. They had before the iphone blackbery and there cost where 3 times lower. So i think they will also choose for the blackberry 10 with BES.

    So there seems happy customers and using in business seems for me a good test.
    04-22-13 05:42 PM
  2. John Pawling's Avatar
    Darn fickle hardware. Can't get mine to reboot without requesting it. And try as I may, I can't get excessive drain on my battery (no more than my IPod touch or my 3 tablets) .

    I wonder how to tell where my phone is made (i.e. Canada or Mexico)? This might help people determine if manufacturing location or lot numbers are susceptible to rebooting.

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    04-22-13 05:46 PM
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