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    Hey everyone I am a fellow Canadian that lives about 2 hours west of Toronto. I was down in Niagara falls, Ontario doing some wine tours yesterday and decided to head down to Buffalo NY for some outlet shopping. The outlet mall sucked so we ended up at this mall called Weldon Galleria and I was BORED out of my mind sitting on the bench while my GF went into a few stores. I noticed a T-mobile booth on the ground level by the big staircase and decided to do my first ever random Z10 check and this is what I got:

    I walked up and the kid was re taping his skateboard not a word of a lie:

    Me: Hey!! ( I pointed to the fake demo Z10 phone). What can you tell me about this phone? Is it any good?
    Boy: You mean Blackberry?
    Me: I mean the Z10
    Boy: If you want my honest opinion this phone is very choppy and the interface is all over the place and doesn't make any sense at all.
    Me: What do you mean?
    Boy: It doesn't work that good. If you must have a blackberry though I would wait for the Q10 because that is going to be the better phone with a totally better operating system.!!
    Me: When are you guys getting some?
    Boy: I really don't even know, the Q10 is already out but I don't know when we are getting it
    Me: Oh really? The Q10 has already come out?
    Boy: Yeah its already out all over the world, its an international phone I just don't know when we are getting them. Have you ever thought about the new S4? its an amazing phone and will blow your mind
    Me: I will come back when you have the Q10

    I went for dinner after this to P.F Changs ( I think that is what is it called).. walked by the kid again on the way out of the mall and the kid was standing on the skateboard swaying back and forth while talking to customers!!!

    No offense to the USA but wow my mind is blown...lol these kids are so clueless.!!!! lol
    04-28-13 08:28 PM
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    I understand your attitude on this, it's rediculous. But i can't help but wonder if these employees aren't getting the info they should and proper support from management so they can intelligently answer these questions.
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    04-28-13 08:50 PM
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    Wow! I wonder if his superiors know he was more interested in his skateboard than helping customers. Clearly he didn't have any knowledge about the device or he was just an Android fanboy
    04-28-13 08:50 PM
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    I'm more concerned with the fact that he's allowed a skateboard at work??

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    04-28-13 08:50 PM
  5. EauRouge's Avatar
    I'm more concerned with the fact that he's allowed a skateboard at work??

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    Posted via CB10
    04-28-13 08:58 PM
  6. wolf_359's Avatar
    I'm more concerned with the fact that he's allowed a skateboard at work??

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    04-28-13 09:12 PM
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    This was likely not a corporate owned store. More like an agent location that sells T-Mobile. No way would a T-Mobile employee be allowed to tape their skateboard on company time

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    04-28-13 09:18 PM
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    Ok, you went to Buffalo New York seeking wisdom?

    This whole post reminds me of that dumbass song by Dallas Green (who destroyed Alexisonfire) with the lyrics: "I've been to Lincoln, Nebraska, And hell you know it ain't worth ****." "Oh hell, I've seen America's best." "Cuz I'm comin' home..." Uh, I think Dallas needed to check his BBerry Maps. Next time I'm in Moose Jaw I'll run the same test. Will report back.
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    04-28-13 09:27 PM
  9. ErinnM's Avatar
    Meh. It's a booth. Nothing special.

    There are a lot of reps like that here though. Clueless and promote phones they personally like, but there also reps that know what they are talking about. My experience was quite dandy with an AT&T rep. He was an iPhone user drooling over the Z10. He told me he was jealous that I was getting the Z10.

    Lol at that guy saying the Q10 will have a different operation system.

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    04-28-13 09:30 PM
  10. grumpyaeroguy's Avatar
    Ok, you went to Buffalo New York seeking wisdom?
    OMG. LMFAO...

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    04-28-13 09:38 PM
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    Wow I would have pulled out my Z10 and educated him. T-Mobile needs to educate its employees.

    Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.
    04-28-13 10:24 PM
  12. donnation's Avatar
    It's a job that probably doesn't pay much, what do you expect? They have high turnover at those booths for a reason. Poor excuse I know, but a reality.
    04-28-13 10:27 PM
  13. mset's Avatar
    No offense to the USA but wow my mind is blown...lol these kids are so clueless.!!!! lol
    Were you under the impression that Canadian kiosk kids are significantly better trained? I can assure you they aren't. I was in a major mall the other day and went to 6 kiosks. At each one I, I said I'd like to demo the Z10 and asked the kid what he knew about them (they were all young guys). Most of them were clueless and knew almost nothing about the phone. Two of them immediately tried to turn the conversation to the iPhone 5.

    One guy actually had a personal Z10 and was raving to me about it.

    There may be a slight 'homer' effect up here but there are plenty of badly trained/bored kiosk kids here too.
    04-28-13 10:29 PM
  14. Bdot-1's Avatar
    Buffalo - America's armpit
    04-28-13 10:37 PM
  15. imcurved's Avatar
    Most carriers are like that nowadays.

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    04-28-13 10:52 PM
  16. KISS ARMY's Avatar
    Hi everybody!!

    In my experience you have to be very careful with the sales staff with any carrier. I had an interesting conversation with a guy who was a former sales rep for a carrier here in Toronto. There were two main points he relayed to me. The first is that sales staff don't care what you buy so long as you sign a 3 year contract, so that they get their sales commission on the contract. The second is they will not always encourage you to wait for a new product to be released as they are instructed to to make attempts to sell 'old stock' for example an iphone 4s prior to the release of iphone 5, or Samsung SG3 prior to the release of SG4.

    When the Q10 is (which I am patiently waiting for) released to the public, try and buy one outright without a contract and see how difficult a task this can be!! The information given to me by this former sales rep is that sales staff typically will outright refuse to sell it to you because they will not receive their bonus for creating a new 3 year contract. The sad thing is I've personally call my carrier and was told that not only are they aware of this practice, but these sales reps are not actually supposed to refuse an outright sale of a product. But because there are so many independent dealerships this is difficult to control.

    So, my point to everyone is, do your own research online and test products in store, and make your decision on which product is for you. Then go into a store and buy it without the need to listen to any sales reps personal opinion on which product is best!! Hopefully after you do your due diligence, BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 will be right for you!!

    Good Luck!!

    ....And if ErinnM reads this post, The Blue Jays will get it together!!! It's not too late to be a fan!!
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    04-28-13 11:27 PM

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