04-25-13 10:00 PM
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  1. dfb8085's Avatar
    i haven't seen anyone comment on the browser experience? as one who left BB because of its browsing problems and went to Iphone i am curious as how it is on the bb OS10 phone. I may be coming back to BB when my upgrade comes along in about a year so I was wanting to know how it works? for anybody that has used a iPhone before how do it compare to it?
    04-05-13 08:23 PM
  2. morphius_z's Avatar
    Love the browser.. beats the h**l out of the torch I have at work!

    Posted via CB10
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    04-05-13 08:26 PM
  3. doggy10's Avatar
    Browser is amazing and super fast. I believe it has the fastest browser out there now. If not the fastest its pretty damn close.

    BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook
    04-05-13 08:29 PM
  4. sellersce's Avatar
    The browser is awesome!

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-13 08:32 PM
  5. trsbbs's Avatar
    One of the "WOW" items of the phone.

    04-05-13 08:34 PM
  6. howarmat's Avatar
    Browser is very good. Best BB browser ever for sure. Still a little short of features but over all the browsing experience is very good
    04-05-13 08:41 PM
  7. RazzBerry's Avatar
    Rocks for me!
    I can also set it in the dev settings for being viewed as a desktop and most site recognize it as one anyway, so it highly improves all sites!
    04-05-13 08:45 PM
  8. bitek's Avatar
    The browser is fast
    04-05-13 08:45 PM
  9. SuperionMaximus's Avatar
    To put it simply, the BlackBerry Browser on BlackBerry 10 is the best mobile browser. There is no comparison. The reason no one talks about it is simply that there is no other mobile browser that rivals it. Where everyone gave up on delivering the full web on a mobile platform, BlackBerry instead decided to perfect it. BlackBerry went from dead last to head and shoulders above the competition in mobile web browsers.
    04-05-13 09:07 PM
  10. xamdam's Avatar
    Awesome browser fast, secure and dependable.

    Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10
    04-05-13 09:36 PM
  11. The Aficionado's Avatar
    The bb10 browser is better than what windows phones and android offer. Notably it is considerably faster than the Samsung galaxy browsers. I have also found the browser to be very robust, and with full html and flash support renders most sites very well. In addition the strong antenna (reception) on the z10 means you will get LTE where other phones get downgraded or cut off

    From everything I have heard though, to be honest, the iphone 5 has almost as good of a browser. Usually it is basically just as fast as the z10's

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-13 09:47 PM
  12. The Aficionado's Avatar
    Rocks for me!
    I can also set it in the dev settings for being viewed as a desktop and most site recognize it as one anyway, so it highly improves all sites!
    Whoa, can you say specifically how to do this? Where do I go in settings?

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-13 09:51 PM
  13. The Aficionado's Avatar
    Whoa, can you say specifically how to do this? Where do I go in settings?

    Posted via CB10
    Developer tools, in the browser settings, not phone settings. Found it.. definitely useful. I was frustrated that the PlayBook cannot do this so I'm glad the z10 can

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-13 10:11 PM
  14. gordo51's Avatar
    I don't know how it could get much faster. It would have to be instantaneous. Very fast on wifi or cell signal. One thing I have noticed is that it is very easy to pick a link from beside another link, that is, the screen or browser is very good at recognizing your finger placement. Maybe I am just imagining things but it seems better than past phones.

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-13 10:15 PM
  15. pandapurple's Avatar
    Happy with the browser. Fast and smooth.

    I'm happy I can get street view of Google Maps. A friend was frustrated with not getting it on his iPad 2 and I offered help. He was dumbstruck. More upset that my Z10 could do what his iPad couldn't.

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-13 10:16 PM
  16. Masahiro's Avatar
    The browser is overall superb. It loads up pretty much any page flawlessly. I haven't run into any sites that had some sort of error or rendering issue.
    It is also easy to use, with simple things like having the address bar on the bottom where it's easy to reach, along with the other options such as the tabs.
    Another great thing about it is that I can load up a YouTube video and have it playing while I switch tabs or applications. I'm not sure if other OS' allow that.
    04-05-13 10:23 PM
  17. mzceetee's Avatar
    Surely beats the heck out of the browser on my Torch 9850... runs circles around it. Fast and smooth....

    Posted from my lovely BlackBerry Z10
    04-05-13 11:37 PM
  18. waskonator's Avatar
    There is not a better mobile browser period. Unbiased. Might as well be a desktop browser.

    Posted via CB10
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    04-05-13 11:51 PM
  19. aloon69's Avatar
    I love the browser! Landscape mode is awesome!
    04-05-13 11:55 PM
  20. kevets's Avatar
    I replied in the ringmark /sunspider thread but I think the z10 quietly may have the best browser on the market. It scores better on ringmark than my desktop browsers, and according to their sample tests, crushes all the other mobile browsers for compatability. 0 failures on ring 0 and ring 1 and just 39 failures on ring 2.

    The solid browser was one of the main selling points, right behind form factor for me when I made up my mind to get the z10.

    Posted from my Z10.
    04-06-13 12:01 AM
  21. plasticc's Avatar
    Browser does what it is designed for, includes flash support...
    04-06-13 01:59 AM
  22. Sim_1's Avatar
    To me it's an ok browser buy still too laggy and far from any latest Android's. If for instance you try the new HTC One you will notice a huge difference in speed and features (e.g. Text reflow).

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-13 02:10 AM
  23. 11pts's Avatar
    Browser is kick ***. No problems at all! You can use it with confidence

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-13 02:11 AM
  24. dfb8085's Avatar
    well wow is all i can say. only 1 person had a negative reply. I am one of many I suppose, that left blackberry for the iPhone because of the fustration of waiting on blackberry to get with the program, Now I am having to wait for the next year and a half for my contract to run out to even have a chance to give blackberry another chance. Only good thing out of that is at least it gives blackberry to improve on what they have.
    Thanks to everyone replied
    04-10-13 06:43 PM
  25. soulenigma's Avatar
    Definitely their best browser yet.
    04-10-13 06:59 PM
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