1. basicbill's Avatar
    I'll be setting up my Groupwise account on my new Z10 today (hopefully).
    Has anyone done it yet? Is there anything I need to know or ask for from IT?
    BTW, not on BES.

    I see that there isn't a dedicated Groupwise installation option so any help will be much appreciated.
    02-06-13 08:51 AM
  2. kyleheney's Avatar
    I'm in your exact situation. So far I haven't been able to figure this out. CompanionLink will have a solution but it's going to cost about $50 for 3 users. I'm waiting for their app to be approved (DejaOffice).

    On my 9900 I used to use Google Calendar Sync to sync my outlook account (which I have linked to my GroupWise account) to my Gmail. Then Gmail would sync wirelessly to my 9900. I was hoping BB10 would offer a solution that didn't need to use Gmail, but I don't think it does, yet.
    02-06-13 08:59 AM
  3. gwguruman's Avatar
    Novell has a TID on the new BlackBerry 10 devices here --- Support | Current support for BlackBerry 10 devices

    You will connect the BlackBerry 10 device to the Novell GroupWise Mobility Service. Ask your GroupWise administrator about the connection details to get to your Mobility Service at your company. Your GroupWise admin will have to setup an account on the Mobility Service, so you can connect to your GroupWise mailbox through it.
    02-07-13 12:14 PM
  4. gwguruman's Avatar
    Hello All,

    Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack has been re-released today in the Patch Finder with Z10 fixes and few other bug fixes
    (NOVELL: Patch Finder)

    NOVELL: Downloads - Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack (Novell Data Synchronizer 1.2.5 + Mobility Pack)
    04-29-13 06:04 PM

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