04-16-13 04:30 AM
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  1. ZacMatic's Avatar
    Today, my Outlook.com contacts are working normally again. I turned contact syncing off, then on, and this time they all synced. Maybe it was a temporary problem on Microsoft's side?
    04-11-13 11:07 PM
  2. zerobelow's Avatar
    Groups would be a nice-to-have. But without it, you can still get to your contacts pretty fast.

    Have you used the index at the side of your Contacts view? If I want "Bob", other than using the Search function, I can just tap "B" to jump to entries starting with the letter "B".

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    You can even add a number or symbol before the name, to put some special people always at the top of your Contacts list.

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    When I'm in hub, and do compose -> text message, I'm presented not with a list of targets, but with a text input box. I type "B", and it brings up 8 entries for myself, since my name starts with B as well.

    next, i type the "OB". And it brings up my Facebook contact's email. I don't even have a phone or mobile number for him. Why would I want to "Text" his email? Wouldn't I have selected email from the previous page?

    So, I scroll down to the correct Bob. The first number listed for him is the one filed under Home. Next is his Fax. Third is his mobile number.

    I understand that I might want to text his fax, but isn't it more likely that I'd want to text his cell? Maybe list that first?

    And the other dude that doesn't even have a phone number in my address book...does his email really need to be listed before the guy that I text every day?

    As for the guy who suggested that i just find a previous message in hub and reply to that...i get a lot of messages and sometimes it's buried pretty deep...
    04-16-13 02:53 AM
  3. Bluline79's Avatar
    I have all the same issues as most of you guys/girls are talking about.. My biggest thing was that when I set up my yahoo contacts only a percentage of them made it onto the phone. I had to log onto my account at home and manually input all the contacts over again on the phone. I then had to save the contacts to my sims card. So far so good I'm keeping my figures crossed that it doesn't delete the contacts. Hopefully a fix will come soon.
    04-16-13 04:30 AM
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