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    Team Blackberry: now that the ATT debacle has happened, it is largely upon us to carry the ball forward and enlighten the world as to the virtues of the BB10 platform. I am sure that each of you has the opportunity to show many people when they ask hey, how is that thing?

    The key will be a very convincing, effective, but not over the top demo of your BB. An elevator speech/pitch so to speak. Here is my thought what the pitch should be to get the message across as effectively as possible. Please give me feedback on this, - we should refine it over time.

    Think of this as a conversation:

    Hey Yeah just got this about 2 weeks ago. Really cool totally surpassing my expectations on what a mobile phone should be. I love trying our new things and this thing is a completely new Blackberry, new OS, new apps, all the latest tech.

    What I really love about the device (showing hardware) is that it is made for real people, who want flexibility.
    - Just the right proportions not too big, not too small (like the iphone).
    - Awesome screen, much more dense screen than the retina display on the iphone.
    - This practical non-slip rubberized back comes off so I can swap an extra battery when I need to. (pull back off)
    - See, its got all that NFC stuff already so good when those mobile payments arrive.
    - And, the SD card (dude I got 64GB in here), can be hot swapped. And, it is not under the battery, or behind some paper clip door or **** like that. Easily accessible.
    - Snap the cover back on again.

    Phone OS:
    - All that hardware stuff aside, what really makes this standout is the new OS.
    - It is a real-time OS. So, what that means that is that multiple things can always be running - even in the background if you want. Like, when you minimize stuff, it is still going, or resident in memory. Pretty neat.
    - The OS is built to be totally swipe enabled you can get to anything from swiping on the screen. No hitting the home button, or the multi tasker button (show going to the hub from wherever you are in the phone).
    - And, you can always be at the center of all your communications in this hub thing that they got. Like, I have connected every account I have connected to it, email, twitter, 4sq, facebook, etc. I dont have to hunt around to see how people are contacting me. Its all here. Love that.
    - If you move from the hub to this minimized app section, you can see what you have running. See I got my stocks going, my whats app, wsj, etc.
    - And, if you keep moving more to the right here, shows you all the apps I got loaded (show all the big names that you have).

    Yeah not every app is here yet, a lot of those niche ones have not come yet. I meant, all the usual suspects are here of course: Twiter, FB, Nav, Kindle, Evernote, blah blah.
    - But, hey they just launched this whole new platform and ecosystem so I am sure it will get there.
    - In a way - its kind of cool. Every week, a new major one comes out and its like YEAH this is pretty cool. Just last week, I got my WSJ back. I read that all the time. Really designed well. Especially the native ones
    - Oh yeah you can actually run a ton of the Android apps on here too. They run pretty well so I am using them until the real BB apps arrive. Cuz you know, Android apps kind of suck. Totally bloated, no consistent UI, etc. But hey thats Android.
    - Real native BB apps, are kind of like Iphone apps, but better. They are smooth, have a consistent way that they were. Everything works as you expect a BlackBerry app to work.
    - Here let me show you one: open Crackberry .

    This is a pretty good example of how a real BB app is supposed to work:
    - In an App, swipe from the top gives you the setting stuff and account stuff. The stuff that you do not have to access all the time.
    - Down here on the left, is the main menu to navigate through the main sections of the app. In this case, it is a Content app so all the sections are here.
    - Over to the right, these three dots, sort of brings up the Alt menu. It really contextual. See, on the main panel all you can do is refresh.
    - But in an article, the Alt menu lets you share, open in a browser, etc. Really smart.
    - This whole system is a Made for BB Apps. Sort of similar to the way that there are best practices for Apples Apps.
    - And, they are really responsive and fast. Not like Android apps.

    Choose another one that you like

    If you have time:
    - You know for me, the thing that really makes the difference are the little touches that they have everywhere. They have this wiz-bang outfit called TAT that makes the entire UX of this thing.
    - Here, watch me write an email:

    Pull up email.
    - Compose:
    - Watch when I put in the To: (type name) the animations, etc are so smooth and dynamic.
    - Press Subject: (see how that Subject minimized, so that you can type it in?
    - The whole device is like that. Even better than Apple. It feels so dynamic.

    Dude, I cant put it down. I am playing with this thing all the time. It is really addictive.

    Here, you give it a try..

    Now, I have left out A LOT of stuff, but we have to
    1. Get across that it has the basics.
    2. Show that it is different,
    3. Minimize, or discard the negatives.

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    03-24-13 12:41 PM
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    help i switched this on from setting now cant turn it off, the display mode setup keeps coming... some i press exit thenit keeps asking me password... pls advice
    04-11-13 01:26 PM

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