10-29-19 04:26 AM
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  1. yamahammer's Avatar
    I use my Z10 every day for listening to podcasts. Podbean is available in the Yalp store and works extremely well. I have enough podcasts downloaded to the SD card that I'll be dead before I listen to them all! lol

    Also the Porsche clock...
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    10-14-19 11:53 PM
  2. HughJarsse's Avatar
    still using mine as a 'work' phone. Was using it as my daily phone, as my Dtek50 was playing up so badly I had to use the Z10 for reliability. Dtek waas relegated to 'work phone' but has become useless in the end, so, went for a Nokia 7+ as my daily driver, and the Z10 is back as a 'work phone' now!!
    The Z10 STILL going strong, and yet the Dtek has kicked the bucket!!!
    Z10 still doing the biz, and, a battery gets me through the working day (just!) This phone just will not give in, and, suprisingly, the reception and the signal are miles better than the Dtek was too......
    Not sure what I will do when the Z10 finally expires though, (unless I can pick up a spare somewhere!!) Just don't fancy the 'withdrawal symptoms..........'
    The Nokia 7+ is great, but sure do miss the way that OS10 worked, just SOOO slick......
    10-16-19 05:43 PM
  3. espanola's Avatar
    I still use Z10 for years, with another Android phone. It is the lightest, and most handy phone I like.
    10-28-19 09:49 PM
  4. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    Still ticking. Now and then I try carrying the KEYone without my Z10 for a day or two, as it's perfectly set up with all the same accounts, but the KEYone is large, requires two hands just to scan accounts, doesn't have Peek and Flow, and has a worse notification scheme by far. It's much better for Web browsing and apps other than the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite, but 90% of my work is in the Hub, and that's much better in BB10.

    From the screen of my trusty Z10 using the exceptional BlackBerry VKB.
    10-29-19 04:26 AM
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