1. xoey's Avatar
    my Z10 wont startup and BBlink wont detect it. My PC too. It remains stuck on BB logo untill the battery is fully drained. I have tried using BBlink preferences tab to reload the OS but after awhile it gives an error 'unable to download BB desktop software' (my internet is working fine). in addition, i tried usind Sachesi as well but it keeps searching for the USB connection and doesn't detect my phone. I can't use any warranty. I'm beginning to think that all hope is lost now. Can anyone please help??
    09-29-14 05:57 PM
  2. yhamaie's Avatar
    Why don't you try an autoloader?

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    09-29-14 06:11 PM
  3. anischab's Avatar
    If the problem just occured:
    Hold on the upper on/off button for 3 seconds then hit "restart"
    Sometimes, the phone is catched in a starting loop.
    Don't bother until it is regularily so!

    If so, reload OS

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    09-29-14 06:17 PM
  4. jazsta123's Avatar
    Had the same problem a few times when updating you can either leave it for ages and it will eventually start up or you can do a battery pull(might take a few attempts) and it will start up but will revert to the previous update, just to note this problem has only ever occurred with official updates for me and never autoloaders
    09-29-14 07:01 PM
  5. xoey's Avatar
    No it happened almost two weeks ago. Left it alone for awhile. I dont know how autoloader works and can it really do something even when my PC cant detect my phone?
    09-29-14 07:12 PM
  6. xoey's Avatar
    and there is no option of hitting restart; every time I hold the power button it begins to restart and the blue BB logo starts filling up very slowly eventually stopping at 99%.
    09-29-14 07:17 PM
  7. xoey's Avatar
    Also I wasn't even updating my phone when this happened. It was sluggish, thought to restart but it never really started again :/
    09-29-14 07:20 PM
  8. nelsonningombam's Avatar
    Check this link
    I had the same issue


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    09-29-14 07:25 PM
  9. xoey's Avatar
    Just one confusion, what if this autoloader thing doesn't detect my phone?
    09-29-14 07:51 PM
  10. nelsonningombam's Avatar
    Have you connected your phone to the same pc before? If not, phone driver may not installed yet. Try connecting to the same pc where you have connected before.

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    09-29-14 08:09 PM
  11. xoey's Avatar
    I've connected to it alot of times.
    09-29-14 08:12 PM
  12. nelsonningombam's Avatar
    I am not sure if you pc can detect the phone while it's switch off.

    Download the autoloader, connect your phone and run the autoloader. You will be asked to restart your phone. Turn off or remove the battery and pops back in and see if it works.

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    09-29-14 08:20 PM
  13. FF22's Avatar
    Also, you can try all of the procedures again but first REMOVE the battery and keep it out. Plug in the usb cord and see if it detects under BBlink or sachesi or an autoloader.
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    09-29-14 08:41 PM
  14. rthonpm's Avatar
    I had the same issue a few months back: the only solution I found was to replace the handset, even after trying to reload the software.
    09-30-14 11:29 AM
  15. assk's Avatar
    Do you have a sd card in it? If yes remove the battery, remove sd card and insert the battery again.

    Maby it will complete the load then.

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    09-30-14 04:08 PM
  16. CRACKBERRY_OZ's Avatar
    my suggestion is not pretty,

    Firstly re try the auto loader but download a new version make sure it is the right one for your phone

    If this does not work the reload os through link

    then try autoloader again.

    If this bricks the phone again reload through link and dont update the autoloader.

    Also have you used an auto loader before?

    Hope this helps All the best

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    09-30-14 04:19 PM
  17. Shaimaa Magdy's Avatar
    I am having the same issue right now. Did you fix it???
    10-01-14 08:41 AM
  18. Shaimaa Magdy's Avatar
    So you fixed it ???
    10-01-14 08:44 AM
  19. nevertoofar's Avatar
    I have the Same problem with my z 10 and I've left it 3 times with the carrier to fix it but no luck at the moment

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    10-02-14 02:46 PM
  20. xoey's Avatar
    Nope, no sd card.
    10-04-14 01:42 PM
  21. xoey's Avatar
    I did not fix it yet, couldn't download autoloader cos of poor internet connection. I'm going to do it now *fingers crossed*
    10-04-14 01:44 PM
  22. xoey's Avatar
    Annddd, this would be my first time using an autoloader
    I preferred reloading through Link but since that didn't work I'm left with no other option
    10-04-14 01:47 PM
  23. xoey's Avatar
    the autoloader doesn't detect my phone, with or without battery!!
    10-05-14 02:10 AM
  24. xoey's Avatar
    My phone works now , autoloader without battery worked for me. Everything is working fine, thankyou everyone!!
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    10-05-14 04:53 AM
  25. florinfodorean's Avatar
    Thank you for this tip. Never thought that an autoloader could run with the battery out. I've tried runing the autoloader with the sim out, sd out, but with the battery inside, as usual, but no detection from the PC.
    This worked so well for me, removed the battery, connected to PC and ran autoloader.... all is well now.

    Thanks again.
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    10-12-14 02:12 PM

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