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    So I have a BB Z10, w/ OS apparently when I look in the about section it says I'm But any who, that's not a problem for me. One day, I was listening to the radio, and the station said, "for a chance to win _______, all you have to do is text this word _____ to this number _____". So I decided to try it. Only to find out that somehow my phone is blocking those specific kind of texts. So I decided to try and see if it was just that number and tried multiple places. All stations texts are blocked for me, even Taco Bell's "text this code to this number" thing doesn't work. I checked all the possible settings on my phone to make sure now blocking was enabled, and nothing was being blocked.

    I have not seen ANY forum that discusses this. Hopefully I can figure this out with your guys' help.

    When I send a text to some place like the radio station or a Taco Bell's number they say to text a code in, I receive a text back saying this: "Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active". But my phone settings are NOT rejecting anything.

    12-07-13 01:58 AM
  2. olaf_d's Avatar
    There is most likely a block on your account, not your device. If you've seen the "text LOVE to XXXXX" commercials on TV, these are the same type of short numbers that can be used to charge your account for premium services.

    Check your account or with the account holder to see if this block has been enabled on the account.
    12-07-13 02:33 AM
  3. Wolvonic's Avatar
    Any idea how I change that and let the texts go through? :// I have gamestop codes to text in, but can't due to this blocking.
    12-08-13 12:45 AM
  4. curvezzz's Avatar
    Call your carrier. And make sure these settings are

    AT&T Z10STL100-3/
    Attachment 228034
    12-08-13 01:18 AM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    Personal phone or corporate phone where policies might prevent texting?
    12-08-13 09:30 AM

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