1. simplykartik07's Avatar
    I want to get full 5.1 surround sound from my z 10.
    The problem is that 5.1 sound system comes with three 3.5 mm leads for input.
    One lead for rear pair, one for front pair, one for centre and the subwoofer.
    Is there any way, by means of any converter jack or hdmi port, so I can connect them with my z10..
    Attaching the pic of the music system

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    10-04-14 05:40 AM
  2. xxjavaxx2001's Avatar
    Your amplifier should have a decoder to seperate the signals. If you just find an adaptor to plug in all 3 heads into one then its not true 5.1 in its real sense but stereo sound coming through 5speakers.

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    10-04-14 05:49 AM
  3. Boight's Avatar
    Your attachment isn't working so I'll have to make some assumptions here
    I get the drift. You want to use analog multichannel ins connected somehow to the Z10's digital hdmi out.
    I saw one device for about 500 bucks. Not a good deal, however hang onto that system (getting hard to find multichannel in) and grabbing an alternate receiver with an HDMI input is probably the cheapest route.
    10-04-14 08:04 AM
  4. simplykartik07's Avatar
    Whats the name of device??

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    10-07-14 07:31 AM
  5. shahadav's Avatar
    What about HDMI audio pass through?
    I haven't checked. But if it allows digital signals to pass through, then you can hook the phone with an amplifier.
    Now if you are planning to play music, then the above mentioned device will be better.
    5.1 Stereo will not sound good though.
    Music = Stereo \m/

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    10-07-14 07:47 AM
  6. Boight's Avatar
    Whats the name of device??

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    Can't find it again but here's another. New Hdmi To 5.1 Analog Converter - Buy Hdmi To 5.1 Analog Converter,New Analog Converter,5.1 Analog Converter Product on Alibaba.com

    Good luck trying to find a retailer.
    10-07-14 08:25 AM
  7. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Hi, I read your description of the problem but I cannot see the photo of your system.

    Does your audio system have an hdmi input? If so, use a "micro-hdmi to hdmi" cable to connect your phone to your audio system. Then simply connect your speakers to your audio system. Any media files with 5.1 audio encoding that you have on your phone will now be output via the hdmi cable to your audio system and should be audible thru your speakers.

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    10-07-14 10:55 AM
  8. simplykartik07's Avatar
    No Dude theres no hdmi input option available.. only three 3 3.5 mm ports for input are there..-Patrick

    And thanks boight for your sincere response

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    10-14-14 06:39 PM
  9. GooberNS's Avatar
    You need an HDMI to 3x 3.5mm converter.

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    10-14-14 06:40 PM
  10. Ed Gar's Avatar
    You're better off getting a media player with HDMI in, and 5 or more analog outs. Connect the phone to the player via hdmi, and the 5 analog outs to your amp. You can't output 5.1 analog from the phone alone.
    10-14-14 06:58 PM

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