1. dominikgr's Avatar
    my company has an own CA for WIFI access.

    I have this root certificate and a client certificate for authenticating into Wi-Fi
    I pushed a pre-configured Wi-Fi Profile from BES10 to a Z10 device which includes the necessary Wi-Fi credentials. (WPA2-EAP / TLS, Access Point handover etc. )

    I copy both certificates (root and client) to the Z10 by USB connection and windows share to the Z10 certs folder.

    As i understood if i push this Wi-Fi profile by BES10 it is an "Enterprise" Setting, not a private one.

    On the Z10 I unlock the "work area" by typing in the unlock password to have more options to import certificates. (Work Client)

    Now i open the certificates options on the Z10 to import my certificates

    1. i choose class "Work Client" and enable "WIFI" Certificate Store and import the client certificate.
    (I can choose this client certificate in the pushed /saved networks - Wi-Fi Profile.)

    2. But for a successfully Wi-Fi authentication i need to import our enterprise root certificate ... but how ? the only import class is see is called "Personal Trusted CA"
    if i import the root certificate into "Personal Trusted CA" i can't choose the root certificate as CA certificate in my Wi-Fi Profile (not visable in work client mode)

    How can i import enterprise root certificates into Z10 manually ?

    Any ideas ?

    (SCEP is not an option)
    04-17-13 09:56 AM
  2. schumang's Avatar
    The Blackberry Device Service Admin guide (http://docs.blackberry.com/en/admin/...n_Guide_en.pdf) page 144 gives detailed directions for sending WWW, WIFI, and VPN certificates to the Z10.
    04-17-13 10:13 AM
  3. Boots4283's Avatar
    Just in case people are looking for a way to import that are not on BlackBerry Balance/BES:

    Import a certificate from your computer - How To - BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone - 10.0.0
    04-17-13 11:04 AM
  4. dominikgr's Avatar
    OK thanks for pointing me into the right direction. It works ! .. very easy. Got BES10 step by step ;-)
    04-18-13 04:37 AM
  5. Sameer Dfryer's Avatar
    i got BB Z10 as a gift. but its wifi is not working. i have updated its bcos of that. but the problem is same.. i dont know what to do .. someone said try to replace the wifi certificate .. but i havnt got a certificate like that.. can you'll help me to get the particular certificates to solve my problem..

    From SL
    06-12-13 10:27 PM
  6. Gertjan Rooijakkers's Avatar
    How can i add a root cert to the BB10 if it is required for one app, the devices are consumer-ones, not associated with Blackberry Device Service Admin?
    10-16-13 09:05 AM

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