1. MaungLmm's Avatar
    I have a z10 stl 100-2 and using it in Myanmar where there is no Blackberry store, BIS, BES. Also Blackberry World is never working. So I would like to know how can I get apps from other sources than Blackberry World. Now I seriously need to get working Viber app and other.
    Please kindly advise me.

    09-03-13 01:05 AM
  2. addyadam's Avatar
    09-03-13 04:00 AM
  3. MaungLmm's Avatar
    Dear Addyadam, thanks for your advice. But it is .jar file which doesn't work on my BB Z10. Blackberry OS 10 is more flexible than previous OS but still not as convenient as IOS and Android. Especially, in Myanmar, Blackberry World is never working and no other available sources.
    09-09-13 12:16 AM
  4. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    I haven't tried this, but in theory it should work if you can find a decent Wi-Fi access point and your phone is unlocked.

    1. Get a pre-paid SIM card for a carrier located in a country with more favorable BlackBerry World access. It does not even need to be activated. If this doesn't get you in go onto to 2
    2. Subscribe to an IPSec VPN service that has an out-bound server in the same country as your SIM card is from.

    An alternate strategy is to get the BAR file from the vendor. This may be difficult since they would probably not want them out in the wild. But if you can get the official signed BAR file for the app you want any of the side loading methods documented in these forums will get it on your device for you.
    09-09-13 09:18 AM

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