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    first time I tried the all touch BB was the first Storm. It was touted as the iPhone killer. Well, it was disappointing. Not only the screen must be pressed to type, but the whole OS was just not on the same level as the iPhone 3G. Frustated by the first Storm, I skipped the second Storm.

    the second time with the touch BB was the first Torch. Again, it was touted as the iPhone killer as RIM removed the tactile keyboard. Well, it was disappointing, again. I bought it just when it launched in Aug 2010. Few months later, the light under the talk and menu bottom burnt out. I went to AT&T and got a refurbished Torch. Then after 90 days warranty over, again, the light under the talk and menu burnt out. The OS was lagging. Quoting my bro, 'using the Torch make me wants to throw the phone against the wall, it's frustating, it's so slow.' Note that in my Torch, i only have 3 apps, FB, Shazam, and BBM. I always updated my OS to the latest official version available. Frustated by the first Torch, I skipped the second Torch.

    third time with all touch BB is the first touch in new OS, Z10. Not sure what to expect because this is the third time of the first for me.
    05-12-13 10:40 PM
  2. skibnik's Avatar
    I was leery at first when I bought my Zed because I was strictly a physical keyboard type had the 9800 and 9810. And was too impatient for the Q10 to drop lol. All I can say is the Z10 is by far the best phone I have ever owned when it comes to its keyboard and I don't know how I got along all these years without flick typing my plan was to upgrade to the Q but that's not going to happen now. Can't say for sure if the Z10 is the Apple killer but dam it blackberry got it right this time!

    Posted via CB10
    05-12-13 11:08 PM
  3. ddlax22's Avatar
    well heres to your third time!

    but in all seriousness, this isnt bbos anymore. its bb10 and its completely different. you wont have any of those complaints anymore.

    btw the torch 2 was fast!
    05-12-13 11:09 PM

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