11-08-14 06:49 PM
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  1. jezy1m3rchant's Avatar
    hello fellow z10 users. i have never had the pleasure of witnessing the beauty of the z10 until three days ago. i am not a stranger to the device when it comes to viewing it on the internet and reading reviews. Talking about reviews, the z10 according to most sites including pocket now and other users on gsmarena have not really given a positive review about the 1800mah powering the z10. I used the galaxy gt-i9100 with an amoled screen with a 4.3 inch and a mediocre 1650mah breathing life into it. The z10 also has a 4.2 and 1800mah which hasn't gone well in terms of battery backup. Battery life is key to me because i believe a mobile phone or smartphone should be able to last at least a day or a single charge ranging from moderate to heavy usage. I'm a proud Q5 owner now and running the leaked and the battery hasn't failed me even though it was on 10.2.1 when i initially bought it thanks to the generous 2180mah. I will kindly like to know the honest impression about the z10 from moderate to power users. thank you
    09-15-14 04:29 PM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    You'll enjoy 10.3.1 as it'll bring better battery life

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    09-15-14 04:35 PM
  3. huungryshark's Avatar
    With 10.2.2 and charger bundle you should be ok

    Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531 Q5 (red) OS10.2.2.1531
    09-15-14 06:41 PM
  4. Old_Mil's Avatar
    Realistically, the battery is Inadequate. With moderate to heavy use you won't get through the day without recharging.

    It is a great phone, but that is its one weak spot. You can either buy a high capacity replacement on amazon, get an external battery pack, or get a z30 if this is a big issue for you.

    I spend enough of my work say around a computer that I can top mine off from a USB port or charge it in my car...but understand that isn't an option for everyone.

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    09-16-14 08:15 AM
  5. eldrover's Avatar
    I'm mobile all day. Constantly using my mobile device. Battery life is terrible. 6 hrs off charger is about average.

    If you get the external charger and battery pack combo made by BlackBerry for the Z10, you'll make it through the day no problem.

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    09-16-14 10:08 AM
  6. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    Honest impressions about blackberry z10 battery-img_20140916_121008.png

    Almost half the battery in only 6 hours. Barely any usage. Battery sucks. Thankfully I have an Anker battery.

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    09-16-14 12:14 PM
  7. Drenegade's Avatar
    It's an awesome device but the battery does bring it down.

    Having the battery charger pack comes in very handy and it's not like it's hard to just throw it on the charger for a bit. But it should be better.

    However it is still much much much better than any piece of crap iPhone I've ever used.

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    09-16-14 01:01 PM
  8. targnik's Avatar
    On (check sig) I get reasonable battery life. Took a while for OS to bed down, I can easily make it through to 6pm (on a single overnight charge) and still have 20+% available.

    But, I'm often in my work vehicle - so I plug it in to car charger (generic), or when I get home I'll pop it on wall charger for a brief stint...

    If using only for work - emails, text, maps, calls, I get more than enough juice out of current setup. However when I'm playing in the evening or surfing rather than working - the occasional top up helps.

    09-16-14 04:33 PM
  9. Pluto is a planet's Avatar
    I'm a heavy user and 6 hours is about the average for me. I have one of those BlackBerry battery packs though and charging it back up through that gets me through the day fine. If I don't use the phone too much I can get to 8 hours on a lighter day.

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    09-16-14 05:17 PM
  10. potatoguy's Avatar
    Battery was good in the beginning , but this summer I can go thru 2 batteries and be on the 3rd by the time 9 or 10 pm rolls around when I get in for the evening. I start at 5 most mornings.
    I have killed a battery many times, in 3 hrs with BBM , Facebook and Twitter on a Sunday morning sitting at the campground, with 4gLTE.
    09-16-14 05:31 PM
  11. deskm0nkey's Avatar
    Now I'd say when I'm at work I'm light user. Problem is the mobile reception is awful at my desk. Only get a G signal at best and can drop completely sometimes.

    We're not allowed to use the USB ports nor the power sockets. My Z10 easily drops down to 10-15% from a 100% start within 5hrs. It's the only thing I don't like about what is an awesome phone. Shame really.

    Outside of work I get about 7hrs of light-moderate use before the indicator flashes red.

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    09-16-14 07:05 PM
  12. jezy1m3rchant's Avatar
    guys thanks for all the feedback but i don't think the z10 will be enough to match my power needs. The Q5 is doing that marvelously. z30, passport or Q10 here i come.
    10-26-14 09:24 AM
  13. ChristopherEST's Avatar
    Yeah you are better off. My Verizon Z10 battery life is horrible and if previous updates are any indication 10.3 will come just in time for 10.4 with Verizon! Still love my Z10 But the battery life is not so good.

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    10-26-14 05:39 PM
  14. kolowosh's Avatar
    My experience with my STL101 is so far very good. Where I live, I have 4 bars reception from my carrier, my battery last at least 12h.

    But when I go to the US, I have a voice plan with T-MOBILE, I have to recharge it 3 times a day even when I barely use it.

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    10-26-14 08:15 PM
  15. myboxerssayjoe's Avatar
    Battery life sucks. I have a 20,000 mAh Anker battery pack.
    10-26-14 09:43 PM
  16. spookyentertainment's Avatar
    About 4 or 5 hrs tops after a full charge but I still love the phone

    Posted via cb10 Www.youtube.com/spookyentertainment
    10-26-14 11:09 PM
  17. versatile1984's Avatar
    No doubt Z10 is a gorgeous device. But battery life remains a debatable issue. I got my battery changed twice and device once from the Blackberry service center India as it was under warranty peroid but I am still facing battery issue. I am average user, I dont play games, no everyday listening to music, moderate user of whats app (just to be connected to friends who are not on BBM). I have subscribed to few channels in bbm but I dont think that should be the root cause of battery draining. Yest night my battery showed around 55% when I went off to sleep but in mrng arnd 4:30 Am IST my battery % was 16 that is something serious. I am tired of going around service center for replacement. I do understand if I am a heavy user and the battery drains but in my case I am not able understand why this is happening? Also on and off my Z10 get hot.
    10-26-14 11:44 PM
  18. versatile1984's Avatar
    Honest impressions about blackberry z10 battery-img_20141027_091549.png
    Honest impressions about blackberry z10 battery-img_20141027_091538.png

    Posted via Z10 India
    10-26-14 11:46 PM
  19. campbecw's Avatar
    It was insufficient for me. To the point where I upgraded to the Z30 strictly for the purpose of having better battery life. I never ever, using any range of light to medium use, could get more than 10 hours out of it. 8 was the norm, with a number of days being 6 hours use.

    After I got the Z30 my gf got my Z10 and she never gets more than 8 hours out of it. She leaves it in her bag while at work for 5 hours, and when she gets out it'll be around 50%... with zero use at all.

    So, the answer your question: underwhelming.

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    10-27-14 12:13 AM
  20. crazigee's Avatar
    It's horrible. It never lasts a day with moderate use. One shouldn't be forced to buy charging bundles due to the inadequacy of the battery. Charging bundles and car chargers should be for very heavy users, users who want to extend their battery life beyond a day, or people who forgot to charge their phone. It shouldn't be to compensate for what was inadequate to begin with.

    It's true it has become slightly better with the updates, but it isn't sufficient.

    I'd also like to add that I'm really tired of people here telling me to adjust my settings to compensate for this terrible battery. Dim my screen to the point where I need night vision goggles or turn off this and that feature. Ridiculous.

    Posted using my Asus Transformer TF700T via the CrackBerry App
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    10-27-14 12:16 AM
  21. Raestloz's Avatar
    I have to say that I can't get by a day with heavy usage. About 5-7 hours is the average, with about 35% brightness. The battery kind of sucks, I have to agree on that.

    Z10 STL100-1/
    10-27-14 12:37 AM
  22. southlander's Avatar
    Battery is a bit too small.
    10-27-14 01:08 AM
  23. BBFunGuy's Avatar
    Honest impressions about blackberry z10 battery-img_20141027_132839.png

    Angry Birds kills the battery, for me.
    10-27-14 09:30 AM
  24. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    I just bought a battery bundle. It basically gave my z10 new life. There is no more complaining about battery life since all I do when it gets down to red is switch the battery out. I always have the second battery charging and ready to go.

    I suggest everyone who is thinking of getting a Z10 or everyone who complains about battery life to get this. It cost me a total of 20 bucks on amazon.

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    10-29-14 02:35 PM
  25. m3mb3rsh1p's Avatar
    Honest impressions about blackberry z10 battery-img_20141031_142023.png

    This is one of the "new" batteries I just got. Lot code is DC130207 which I guess is from February 2013. Engineering screen says it is at 96% health.

    It seems like hourly drain rate is around 25% for 4G streaming, 20% for Wi-Fi streaming, 10% for display so Netflix over 4G would drain 30% per hour.

    I'm satisfied with this considering the 1000mAH difference from the Z30 which actually seemed to drain faster while browsing, presumably because of the O LED display.

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    10-31-14 02:56 PM
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